HISIERRA announces the exciting release of new re-usable ROADTRIPPER style dispensary handle bags to reduce wasteful single use carry out packaging.


Reusable ROADTRIPPER™ dispensary handle bags are a top shelf change from wasteful single use sacks commonly used in dispensary shops.


Handle bags are typically re-used 2-3 times more than plain bags without handles. “Custom printed, re-usable carryout sacks just seemed like an inexpensive easy source reduction strategy for us to offer our customers” says HISIERRA founder Mike Greenfield. Modeled on the State of California’s re-usable grocery bag initiative, HISIERRA’s ROADTRIPPER handle bags offer dispensaries and shops the opportunity to reduce the amount of trash generated by this market.

HISIERRA™ dispensary handle bags are available in 2 common sizes – the DAYTRIPPER™ size for smaller purchases and larger ROADTRIPPER™ bag for bulkier items. ROADTRIPPER™ handle bags are available in ‘California Compliant’ as well as certified fully child resistant styles. HISIERRA offers several material options including a landfill degradable bag option for clients who want a true cradle to grave solution.

HISIERRA™ is a proud supplier of American made, earth friendly certified child resistant packaging products.

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