High Society Country Club Apes Officially Launch Their NFT Collection

Groundbreaking NFT project, High Society Country Club Apes, announce their official launch with a collection of 5,000 unique pieces

Blockchain enthusiasts across the globe might be up for an amazing experience following the launch of an NFT collection from High Society Country Club Apes. The collection features 3 different types of apes, with Patrick Barber Sr., the developer, bringing beauty and elegance like never-before-seen into the NFT market. The collection offers a unique combination of uniqueness, artfulness, and classiness to chart a new course in the global market.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, in recent times. A recent publication by Emergen Research projects the market size to increase from $340.0 million in 2020 to $3,57,316.3 million in 2030. Experts have attributed the growth to more individuals engaging in various online metaverses platforms to increase social engagement and gain exposure for NFTs as well as increasing use of NFTs in supply chain and logistics and rising demand for decentralized marketplaces. However, Patrick Barber Sr. seeks to take the experience to another level with the launch of the High Society Country Club Apes NFT project.

The project will include 3 types of apes – Country Club ladies (5000), Planet apes beauty Queens 2022 (5000), and Teen Brats (2500). Each piece is unique, beautiful, and colorful, offering holders a representation of beautiful ladies. The collection is particularly distinct as each NFT has their own unique look and personality, with the distinctive long neck and its bare chest helping to stand it out and rank it high effortlessly.

The Teen Brat Apes collection, for instance, features 2500 unique characters. The collection is created as the Teen children of the High Society of Country Club Apes, described as “spoiled brats “that are ruling the school’s classes, halls, and playground.

The High Society Country Club Apes project brings realness to the virtual world, creating a scenario that everyone can relate to.

For more information about the High Society Country Club Apes project and to get a piece of the rare collection, visit – https://www.highsocietyapes.com/

The project also enjoys a fast-growing online community across social media, including https://www.instagram.com/highsocietycountryclub/, Twitter and Discord.

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