Here’s Why Semiconductor Foundries Are Increasing Prices

the world’s largest foundries are increasing prices because it’s becoming undeniably more expensive to fund operations. Labor, materials, and logistics have all risen in price for their growing operations. In addition, recent world events have not helped. Recent lockdowns in China, the war in Ukraine, and also the waning of 2020’s soaring demand for new home computing equipment all contribute to an unstable market. Without a doubt, this has driven foundry prices up.

Samsung, Intel, and United Microelectronics Corp have announced plans to raise prices this year. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has told clients to expect another 5-8% increase in 2023, following a hike of 20% last year. Samsung may be raising prices by as much as 20% this year.

Inflation has been at a 40-year high since 2022, and the electronics industry is feeling it. Last year’s semiconductor shortage had a negative impact on the automotive, consumer electronics, and other semiconductor-dependent industries. Above all, high demand and low supply drove prices up for consumers and manufacturers.

However, semiconductor revenue remains steady despite inflation. As demand for consumer electronics wanes and the supply chain and foundries stabilize, prices are evening out in time, and global manufacturers are optimistic about the future. According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, 2022 will be another year of double-digit growth for the worldwide market on account of unprecedented demand.

Although many are expressing cynicism for the industry, others are feeling optimistic. At Foxconn’s annual shareholders’ meeting, chairman Liu Young-way expressed confidence in the stability of the supply chain heading into the second half of 2022. Product development is proceeding as usual, and manufacturing facilities are operating at normal levels with closed-loop management measures. As lockdowns in China are lifted and high consumer demands ease, the supply chain is catching up, and the risk of another shortage is lessening. All in all, this sounds like good news for the industry.

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