Here’s One of the Best Utility NFTs of 2022. This Albert Einstein Themed NFT Gives VIP Access to the World’s First Time Travel Machine.

The Space Albert Genesis NFTs give you VIP access to the world’s first Time Safari Metaverse.
NFTs are taking the digital world by storm! With infamous collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club selling their cheapest NFTs for $300,000 (Yes. You hear it right!), this lucrative asset is one of the best digital investments to make in 2022. Here we take a look at a promising new NFT collection that could just be what the NFT world has been waiting for.

What is the Space Albert Genesis collection?

The Genesis collection consists of 10,000 witty and oddly-adorable digital art pieces of Prof. Albert, lying on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Alberts are a programmatic combination of unique and quirky attributes including backgrounds, outfits, skins, headgear, eyewear, and mouth traits that match the charisma of the nutty genius. Each original Genesis token doubles as a VIP access pass to the first-ever Time Travel Machine (Yes, time travel is not just fiction. It’s real in the Metaverse!)

Why get Space Albert NFTs?

This hot newcomer NFT is utility-rich, meaning it’s much more than a collection of rare and witty, digital art collectibles.  Genesis token holders get access to an array of benefits including exclusive access to ‘Time Safari’, the world’s first Time Travel Theme Park. It’s an open world, virtual theme park and an RPG, adventure Web3 game. Each token holder gets a fully rigged Metaverse ready 3D Albert which is their playable character in the Time Safari game.

If you own a Genesis Albert you also gain entry to the VIP Time Safari club that gives members special perks including limited-edition time travel and access to in-game assets. Apart from this, Genesis holders will also be eligible to receive Space Albert’s exclusive merchandise.

Time Safari comes with its native in-game token named QuantumXP. Genesis Alberts can generate QuantumXP by engaging in gameplay, completing quests and challenges, and exploring the wonders of time travel. By collecting more QuantumXP, players can unlock various in-game items, utilities and virtual experiences. It doesn’t end there! Each Genesis Albert can breed when combined with another Genesis Albert. Breeding is called semi-cloning and players can breed by spending QuantumXP.

Can Space Albert be the next big play-to-own game and should I get in early?

The play-to-own model is a whole new paradigm in gaming – and it’s catching on.

With a plethora of NFT projects available in the NFT space, the community is increasingly keen on investing in only those that provide generous utility value. Prominent NFT play-to-own games have seen their prices soar at an incredible rate, making it almost impossible for starting-out NFT investors to acquire these tokens. With such success stories circling around many hope to get in on promising projects such as Space Albert early on, while they’re still in infancy.

Space Albert brings in a fresh new perspective with time travel, a captivating concept to many. With Genesis token holders getting VIP access to thrilling time travel adventures and in-game assets, they will be the most valuable players in the game. They’ll get to teleport back in time to experience some of the biggest milestones in human history from the Big Bang, to the Age of the Dinosaurs and much more. Fast forward to the future. Curious to know what it holds? Will Humans go on to become a multi-planetary species colonizing other planets? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Join the Time Safari travel expeditions and find out where humanity is headed! 

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