Health Boss Launches Revolutionary Cost-Effective Supplements to Target Joint Pain and Improve Wellbeing for Middle-Aged Women Globally


Gold Coast, Australia – HEALTH BOSS is a new and exciting company started by Jane Black, a highly experienced sales executive in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. In 2020, Jane lost her job at the pandemic’s beginning and felt like “the boss of nothing.” However, she didn’t give up and decided to pivot into a new industry. HEALTH BOSS was born, and the company launched products in the supplement category aimed at helping mainly middle-aged women with their specific health concerns.

HEALTH BOSS is an Australian-owned, operated, and manufactured company, that uses high-quality, clinically trialed, and cost-effective ingredients. The primary aim of the company is to improve health, energy, and well-being by offering natural supplements that are affordable to everyone. HEALTH BOSS works with leading Naturopaths, formulators, and industry experts to develop and launch the right products with the right ingredients.

The first product by HEALTH BOSS was a Bovine Collagen. A grass-fed, sustainably raised, gluten-free supplement powder that helps improve hair, skin, nails, and gut health. The company will soon release a Vegetarian Collagen and a Joint Specific formula, using potent ingredients such as eggshell membrane, which is indicated to relieve symptoms of mild osteoarthritis, joint aches, and pains, and helps maintain joint cartilage health.

“The pandemic highlighted the gap in the market for supplements that resonated with my demographic. I found many supplements to be overhyped by influencers, who undelivered on their promise. Our formulas are created in response to our community’s needs. We focus on relevant and proven supplements that are affordable to everyone,” says Jane Black, Founder of HEALTH BOSS.

HEALTH BOSS is targeting people with interest in their health, wellness, and maintaining an active lifestyle. The products are wholly Australian-owned and manufactured. And the company uses high-quality, clinically trialed ingredients. The supplements are designed to nourish the body from within and target antiaging and well-being.

“The mission of HEALTH BOSS is to create high-quality, cost-effective supplements to nourish the body from within, and target antiaging and well-being. We believe that natural supplements can provide an alternative to synthetic options that are often expensive and not accessible to everyone,” says Jane Black.

For more information on HEALTH BOSS, visit their website at, or contact Jane Black at

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