Hapa Has Garnered Praise for Being the Best Local Reliable Partner for Windows and Doors.

In the greater Munich area, Hapa is a reliable partner for windows and doors. 

They offer their customers a complete service from production to assembly. Their long-standing representation in this region has enabled us to sell components such as windows, doors and garage doors with great passion and always with the goal of satisfying their customers in the long term. 

With more than 50 years of experience, they have established themselves as an expert company that can provide high quality products at affordable prices. Whether looking for PVC or wood-based frames -they will be happy to advise personally on site! 

HAPA Does the following installations:

Fenster, Window
Haustüren, front doors
Rollos, Rolls
Kunststofffenster, plastic windows
PVC Fenster, PVC Window

They are a close-knit team of experts who work together to provide their clients with the very best service. Whether it be in  home country or locally in Munich, they’ll always have an answer for any question and will do everything possible so that every journey is smooth running!

The German hapa AG, which specializes in the manufacture of windows and doors has gained a reputation for high quality. 

The company guarantees its customers optimum insulating properties using modern technologies while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to production that is ISO 14001 certified by TUV Rheinland Suisse GmbH – GreenGaro Specialized Company x certification ensures customer satisfaction through product innovation based on sustainability criteria including social responsibility aspects.

The company’s products are manufactured exclusively in Germany, based on the latest process technologies developed by German engineers.

Hapa offers a single source for all windows, which ensures high quality and durability. All materials are produced exclusively from our recipe in Germany to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship throughout production processes; they never compromise on this point! 

For over 50 years now it has been what sets them apart as providers – giving customers not only aesthetic enjoyment but also peace-of-mind knowing they’re getting exactly what’s promised with every purchase made at hapa

Final Thought

They have been a family-owned and operated business for over 50 years, and  take pride in their products. Not only do they look great and provide insulation, but their windows are also made from recyclable plastic. Clients can trust that when they buy from them, they are making an environmentally-friendly choice. Plus, all of their plastic windows come with a 10-year guarantee. If considering windows, be sure to check out HAPA.

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Country: Germany
Website: https://www.hapa-muc.de