Haloo Automation Equipment Co. Launches New Automatic Vending Machine With Touchscreen for Ease of Use

The new automatic vending machine by Haloo Automation Company is a 21.5-inch touchscreen snack and drink vending machine designed as the perfect solution for global vending machine buyers and importers

Finding an affordable, efficient, convenient, and hassle-free snack and drinks vending machine for the office, restaurant, or business can be tricky. There are several choices in the market, and it is difficult to tell the quality of a machine until one starts using it. In most cases, vending machines do not serve their purpose, with some breaking down and others serving frustrating experiences.

Identifying the existing market gap and the need of businesses looking for vending machines, Haloo Automation Equipment Co. has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-quality vending machines. The company targets businesses of all sizes worldwide and meets their unique needs with quality vending machines. Today, the China-based manufacturer has announced a recent addition to its list of top-notch vending machines – HL-DLY-10C snack & drink automatic vending machine with touchscreen.

The new HL-DLY-10C snack & drink vending machine by Haloo can hold between 360 to 1000 bottles and snacks, six storage drawers, and a 21.5-inch touchscreen display. Owners can use the screen display to play ads which can improve their income. Additionally, the machine comes with an internal modular design that is easy to update, operate, and maintain. Haloo goes a step ahead of the norm among vending machine manufacturers to ensure that its HL-DLY-10C vending machine is equipped with a trolley function to enhance flexible goods selection.

Other features of the Haloo HL-DLY-10C snack & drink automatic vending machine include:

Double heated glass window with eliminating mist function to clearly select merchandise
Two lighting bars installed on its sides to attract consumers and create shopping convenience
Power-off protection
Cooling system with R134a (cryogen) meets RoHS requirement
GPRS remote management system
Remote control system with management software, easy to check information and management in real-time
Customized language display

As far as custom vending machines go, Haloo has presented companies and businesses that rely on vending machines an excellent device for their activities. The HL-DLY-10C vending machine guarantees high performance, energy conservation, diverse payment methods, and intelligent remote control.

For more information, please visit https://www.haloo-vending.com/hl-dly-10c-snack-drink-automatic-vending-machine-with-21-5inches-touchscreen.

About Haloo Automation Equipment Co. Ltd

Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is the member unit of APVA, which has focused on vending machines for years. As a drinks and snacks vending machine manufacturer, the company designs and manufactures a full range of vending machines used across various institutions worldwide. Each machine from Haloo has a GPRS remote management monitoring system installed, and it comes with payment gateways supporting coin, bill, mobile wallet, IC card, ID card, QR Code, Apple pay, Samsung pay, and Quick pass.

To learn more, please visit https://www.haloo-vending.com/about-us.

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State: Guangdong province
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