Hala London TV reaches the whole world, including the UAE.
From the first Anglo-Arabic visual radio station, to the first TV station in the Middle East, Hala London TV is competing to stay at the forefront. Hala London TV is now spreading its branches all over the Middle East and the Arab world as a whole. This station is working very hard with its fruitful content to serve its audience and gain more followers with its talented team of experts. Never miss out again, Hala London TV has reached various Arab countries, including the UAE.

Hala London started life as the world’s only anglo-arabic visual radio station. Hala London quickly gained fans across the world as they were served exciting and unique visual radio shows that promoted peace, love, and spirituality.

With this new found success on radio and social media, it quickly became apparent to the team at Hala London that these values were missing on television in the Middle East and across the world, so they decided to create a television station that embraces all these values and more! Hala London is well-known for its team of experts and presenters, who always make sure to serve their audience despite their age difference. Hala London delivers to its audience entertainment, films, documentaries, music, and children’s shows in their original versions as created by the director and producers.

As well as Hala London’s home produced content, they also work with the best distributors in the world. We look for the most unusual, happy, scary, informative, and historical films and shows that have not been seen in the Middle East, or when they were originally shown, they were edited from the original versions, Hala London will show you the full original master piece as intended.

Besides, they will deliver the best children’s shows, including their own created cartoons, that will enlighten, entertain, and make your children feel happy and positive. As a whole, Hala London TV targets all age categories, which makes them unique. 

And never to miss up, Hala London also presents their content in two different languages (Arabic and English), making sure to serve both kinds of speakers. 

In brief, there are only a few TV stations that present such a hardworking mission like Hala London does in a fully successful way. 

Want to know more about Hala London, visit their instagram page, or download their application from AppStore or play-store to explore their magical world.

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