Hala London TV available in Arab countries including Kuwait
When talking about the world’s best and top TV stations, “Hala London TV’s” name is spontaneously mentioned. Why? Well, Hala London started as the world’s only Anglo-Arabic visual radio station and was the first TV station all over the Middle East, and this what makes it unique and different than other stations.  

Want to get some entertainment or even travel with imagination faraway by listing favorite kind of music? Want to gain knowledge about the world around? Aiming to watch a film with a friend, parent or wife with a children being entertained on the other side? Look no further than Hala London TV, the visual radio station that will definitely satisfy all needs. 

Hala London started as the world’s only Anglo-Arabic visual radio station, and this what makes it unique and different than other stations.  With this new found success on radio and social media it quickly became apparent to the team at Hala London that these values were missing on television in the Middle East and across the world so they decided to create a television station that embraces all these values and more in an attempt to satisfy people from different ages and thoughts.

Since its very beginning, Hala London quickly had gained fans across the world as they were served exciting and unique visual radio shows that promoted peace, love and spirituality. Hala London’s main target is to free the viewers so they can feel that their world can be a good place to live no matter what is going on close to them, to let them find their comfort zone in one and only one place.

Hala London delivers to its audience different programs including entertainment, films, documentaries, music and children’s shows in their original version as created by the director and producers.

As well as Hala London’s home produced content they also work with the best distributors in the world. they look for the most unusual, happy, scary (but not nasty), informative and historical films and shows that have not been seen in the Middle East or when they were originally shown they were edited from the original versions, Hala London will show the full original master piece as intended.

To follow up with Hala London TV, its frequency of on Eutelsat 7WA is 12322 V, FEC IS ¾ and SR is 30000, or you can follow Hala London’s page on Instagram and Facebook.

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