Hailbytes Launches the DNS Fuzzer API for Phishing Prevention

Leading API-first cybersecurity company, Hailbytes, announces the launch of DNS Fuzzer API, a new tool designed to help organizations prevent phishing

The team at Hailbytes has reiterated their commitment to providing user-friendly cyber security resources to organizations across industries as the company recently announced the launch ofΒ DNS Fuzzer API. The product is designed to create an automated workflow to discover potentially malicious domains targeting the organization and ultimately prevent phishing.

Cyber threats have become increasingly popular in recent times, especially as more businesses embrace digitalization. Phishing remains one of the oldest and unfortunately ranks as one of the commonest cyber attacks. According to a publication by Symantec, 1 in every 4,200 emails in 2020 was a phishing email, ultimately making email communications networks riddled with cybercrime. In a related development, a plethora of cyber security companies and resources have emerged over the years to protect organizations as well as individuals in different parts of the world. Unfortunately, many of the available tools are not particularly user-friendly and often require the investment of a lot of resources. However,Β HailbytesΒ has been able to change this narrative in recent times, a claim substantiated by the recent release of DNS Fuzzer API.

The product is designed in line with the company’s mission of delivering solutions that will turn employees into cyber security warriors and protect the organization from the most common and damaging cyberattacks. DNS Fuzzer API generates a large list of permutations based on the domain name provided and subsequently checks for potential phishing attacks or brand impersonation.

Features of DNS Fuzzer API are clean JSON code output, tons of highly effective domain fuzzing algorithms, additional domain permutations using dictionary files, and Unicode domain names (IDN). DNS Fuzzer API also offers live phishing webpage detection, GeoIP location, Rogue MX host detection, and multithreaded task distribution.

DNS Fuzzer API is currently available on the official Hailbytes website as well as listed onΒ RapidAPI. A tutorial on the cyber security tool can also be found onΒ YouTube.

For further information about DNS Fuzzer API and other solutions from Hailbytes, visit – https://hailbytes.com/.

About Hailbytes

HailBytes was founded in 2018 by David McHale as an API-first cybersecurity company to offer easy-to-integrate security solutions for application developers and security engineers. The company partners with notable names in the cyber security industry, including Infragard, Amazon, CAMICO, 360 Privacy, RedDNA, and the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland to protect businesses around the world.

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