Haiku Tampa Co-Owner Asad Yusupov Launches a New Poke and Açaí Restaurant

Entrepreneur and public figure Asad Yusupov recently launched a new Poke and Açaí restaurant called “Sweet Fish.” This is Yusupov’s second restaurant that he partners in. He previously received city-wide acclaim for Haiku Tampa, a Japanese restaurant in which he partners. He is also partners in Eden Downtown, an exquisite nightclub in Tampa, Florida.

Yusupov said in an interview, “I’m really proud of Sweet Fish. The traditional dishes we serve are focused on health and nutrition while being delicious at the same time. I love the idea of systemically promoting health through Sweet Fish.”His personality seems to well suit the general theme of his restaurants. He says, “I love inspiring others to live.” 

He spends most of his time traveling to different parts of the world. He says, “The only benefit of financial freedom is freedom, so I have decided to travel the country and the world.” He also posts regularly about the places he visits on his Instagram (@noigasad).

In an interview, when asked about why he chose Sweet Fish, Yusupov said, “I think people are going to get more health-conscious after Covid, and I wanted to help people make that transition.” He further explained that the widespread use of wearable technologies is also going to contribute to making people more health-conscious in the near future. He describes himself as, “I’m an entrepreneur from Tampa, Fl, who is currently traveling the world trying to remind myself and everyone around me to just live.” He’s promoting this attitude in others by inspiring them to eat healthy food and live a healthier disease-free life.

“Poke is one of the healthiest traditional dishes in the world,” says Yusupov. Poke bowls contain fish and vegetables, two of the most nutritious and healthy food sources. Unlike animal sources of meat, fish is low in saturated fat — one of the two factors directly related to heart disease. Fish is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which most people don’t get enough of. This makes fish extremely good for heart health and — since heart disease is the single most common cause of death in the US — for health in general.

Yusupov claims, “fish and vegetables are the perfect sources of nutrition with minimum calories.” He supports his claim by arguing that vegetables are high in nutrients and powerful antioxidants, while fish makes up for the nutrients that vegetables are low in. “Low calories and high fiber content of poke also protect you from diabetes,” he adds. 

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