Growth in Fintech Has Made It Easier for Women Throughout Latin America to Access Financial Services, Although This Has Also Exposed Their Challenges.

Lima, Peru – Mar 10, 2022 – The worldwide prepaid card market was worth about $1.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to around $5 billion in the next seven years. With the number of individuals using them increasing at this rate, more and more firms are adopting white label prepaid card systems to get a piece of the revenue-generating and relationship-building possibilities they provide. Yet, with that trend comes risk, unless security and compliance are at the forefront, according to LAM Holdings, Inc. (LAM) experts. And that takes deep expertise in Fintech.

LAM is a Latin American and Caribbean provider of prepaid cards and cryptocurrency to fiat issuing software solutions and management. It assists clients in end-to-end white label prepaid card creation and administration. Businesses may issue platforms that feature gift cards, debit cards, payroll cards, transit cards, HSA cards, and general use plastic. Laser-like focus on backend operations is at the heart of LAM’s full-stack platform, which includes security measures to satisfy all banking rules and assure the highest levels of protection. It also covers more sophisticated card authentication, transaction security measures, personal data protection, fraud detection and prevention, chargeback liability management, real-time background checks, payment warranties, and localized AML/KYC services.

Prepaid cards can provide several benefits and help companies increase their earnings and brand exposure. However, data security must be at the forefront, or white label solutions intended to improve companies’ profits might backfire and result in fines from regulators. The data security industry is a competitive business. LAM has developed a reputation for keeping data secure through proactive methods and cutting-edge technology solutions. The Business Applications unit in LAM is responsible for software integration to clients’ systems, program management, call center services, BIN sponsorship, compliance officer training, cross-border and worldwide currency functions, and sponsor bank and card vendor interactions. All of which need technical expertise on the part of the company.

LAM’s role as a prepaid card platform consulting and design firm is to create a platform that meets the client’s needs while also managing risk and putting in place sufficient safeguards for a successful white label program. “Having an in-depth knowledge of the sector itself and local rules, as well as solid partnerships in place to ensure that regulations are adhered to, is essential.” LAM offers a wide range of mobile and desktop solutions suited to clients’ unique requirements, as well as customer experience platforms. The design software solutions that guarantee their full-stack programs are packed with features and functions, user-friendly, graphically appealing, and most importantly, regulatory compliant.

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LAM Holdings Inc. is a payment services company that provides cutting-edge payment solutions to many of today’s top Fintech and cryptocurrency businesses as an independently owned and operated card issuing provider, software provider, and payment facilitator. We are a top-rated firm that has been delivering exceptional client service with a team that has over 100 years of experience in payments and payment methodologies. We specialize in developing and running worldwide card programs, remittance platforms, and other banking solutions for our clients. The LAM platform allows Fintech firms to identify game-changing ideas through advanced technology, allowing them to provide their customers with a completely personalized product.

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