Growing Popularity of Organic Products Is the Perfect Time for Curcumin Health Supplement for Joints

High-Dose CurcuMAXX C+ with Curcumin Certified Organic by

Boca Raton, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 07/06/2022 — Organic dietary supplements, just like organic food, are becoming more popular.

Natural Products Insider reports that demand for organic products has grown in the past decade.

Christophe Lepine, president of CurcuMAXX France, said the growth of organic options has even made its way into the dietary supplement sector.

“Consumers are beginning to see the benefits of organic health supplements,” he said. “Consumers today are concerned about what they put into their bodies as well as how products are manufactured, which is why people are also demanding sustainable products.”

Lepine said CurcuMAXX C+, a high-dose Curcumin dietary supplement certified by Ecocert, is joining the organic movement.

“We have a product line of organic supplements, but first we are introducing CurcuMAXX C+, a Curcumin supplement,” Lepine said. “Our product comes in capsules and soluble liquids with 210 mg to 319 mg of Curcumin.”

Lepine said it is important that CurcuMAXX C+ contains a high dose of Curcumin.

“In order to obtain the full benefits of Curcumin, which is the active ingredient in Turmeric, you have to take a supplement that contains a high amount of Curcumin,” Lepine said. “This is the only way you will maximize the impact of Curcumin.”

Although Curcumin may relieve joint pain, act as an anti-inflammatory, and contains antioxidant properties, the Cleveland Clinic also reports that Curcumin may improve memory, lower the risk of heart disease, and fight depression.

“We developed a joint pain supplement because research suggests Curcumin can reduce pain from diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis,” Lepine said.

CurcuMAXX C+ is also certified by Nature Press, which guarantees food and cosmetic products respect the environment, people, and animals.

For more information, please visit CurcuMAXX C+ online.

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