Gregory S. Williams Releases New Collection of Poetry and Short Stories Entitled Petulant Shadows

Gregory S. Williams Releases New Collection of Poetry And Short Stories Entitled Petulant Shadows
Introducing Petulant Shadows by Gregory S. Williams: A Captivating Journey into the Enigmatic Realm of Short Stories and Poetry

We are thrilled to announce the release of Petulant Shadows, the latest literary masterpiece by renowned author Gregory S. Williams. Scheduled for publication on October 28, 2023, Petulant Shadows invites readers into a world of mystery, intrigue, and thought-provoking storytelling, where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary.

In this compelling collection of short stories and poetry, readers will be transported into an enigmatic realm, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Gregory S. Williams weaves his magic through narratives that defy convention, taking you on a journey where:

A man taking a selfie gets pulled into the belly of the sea.
A woman finds love with a man who can’t remember her name.
While dreaming, a man discovers a camera crew.
A man schemes an escape from a floating prison.
Under hypnosis, a man realizes the past repeats itself.
In a life review, a despondent man returns to boy scout camp.

Gregory S. Williams, celebrated for his wit, masterful storytelling, and stimulating prose, delivers his third imaginative collection following “Fajitas from Heaven” and “Lucky.” “Petulant Shadows” is a tapestry of evocative tales that engage the mind and stir the heart. Each story invites you to embrace the unexpected with grace and humor, leaving a lasting impression on your literary senses.

About the Author:

Gregory S. Williams, a native of Northern California, is a happily married father of two brilliant and witty college students. He is not only an author but also an avid hiker, traveler, adventurer, and marathon runner. His passion for life and storytelling shines through in Petulant Shadows as he continues to captivate readers with his unique narrative style.

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Petulant Shadows by Gregory S. Williams is available for pre-order on Amazon now with a release date of  October 28, 2023. Secure your copy today by visiting

Don’t miss the chance to embark on an unforgettable literary journey. Petulant Shadows promises to be the most mesmerizing and thought-provoking collection of short stories and poetry of the year.

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