Greg Aguirre Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as One of Top 10 Finance Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

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U.S. Capital Source Corp aims at securing capital for small-scale businesses to ensure they can reach their full potential and have the best chance of clinching success. Their founder has a great vision and was thus recognized for his great work.

U.S. Capital Source Corp has been actively working to help small-scale businesses reach their full potential as the company works day in and day out to help secure the right capital and funding that could be of help.

The company was founded in 2008 when the global financial crisis was underway. Ever since then, they have managed to secure an amount in excess of 300 million dollars for their clients and also managed to gain a whopping experience in the process.

Now the company wants to bank on their experience and use it to further the help and assistance they can offer to their clients. The situation for businesses and finance isn’t very rosy post-pandemic, and this is why the company is now looking to offer its expertise, experience, and services to help small businesses revive their work in the desired manner.

Recently Greg Aguirre was Recognized By Entrepreneur Magazine As One Of Top 10 Finance Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022.

Greg, the founder of the company, was quoted as saying, “My professional mission is quite simple… to make certain every small business owner and aspiring entrepreneur I come across reach their full potential.”

In 2010, they launched ACT (Access Capital Team) for small businesses. This happens to be a public-private collaboration that aims at offering public pro-Bono services and free access to capital, mainly for the underserved communities. They have been doing great work so far and want to continue doing this work forward. Those who would like to know more about the services offered by the company and even those who are in need of the right capital so that they can further their business and reach their potential should make it a point to visit

About U.S. Capital Source Corp

U.S. Capital Source Corp has been operational since 2008 and they have been working hard to make sure that they can secure the right funds for small businesses to ensure these can work smoothly and reach their full potential by getting the right funding help.

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