Green Living SHK Showcases Their Latest Best-Selling List

At GreenLiving, we are keen on providing high-quality eco-friendly products with competitive price for small businesses/ indepent retailers .
Green Living SHK shows the bestsellers list. It shows that biodegradable products are also popular among people.

Green Living SHK, an online shop that sells various sustainable products, shows the list of their best-selling products. This information helps people who want to know popular products among sustainable living doers. The store CEO explained, “Nowadays, people are considering eco-friendly products due to their simple and attractive models. It seems that the products can make their rooms more aesthetic. The most important thing is that they can still use the products maximally just like when using non-sustainable products.”

A dry brushing body brush set, along with a facial brush is one of the best-selling products. It seems complicated to find a soft and safe body and facial brush for the skin. A wrong brush can be dangerous for the skin. The CEO of the store stated, “Treating our skin is challenging. We have to take the best brush to prevent scratches or wounds after the scrubbing process. Dealing with needs, our team produces brushes made of goat and boar bristles. Then, they combine it with a bamboo or beechwood handle. All the materials are compostable. The bristle is soft and comfortable in the body and face and gives a maximum result.”

Eco dish brush is another popular biodegradable product. People use it to keep their kitchen looking clean and hygienic. Using a kitchen sponge seems not to be a good solution because it even invites more germs. Eco dish brush is one of the solutions using natural sisal and loofah. Users can use this product for cleaning and washing dishes, plates, cups, pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. The store CEO described, “The use of wood and sisal bristles is to prevent corrosion. Users don’t need to scratch their cookware and dishes only to remove all grease and dirt. We expect that they can use this product for a few months, along with two replacement heads and loofah sponges.”

People also love to use a round rattan tray basket. It looks aesthetic to store food, fruits, vegetables, towels, and other small items. Some of them also use this product as a hamper. Business owners such as restaurant or hotel owners are also attracted to this product for a serving and tabletop display basket. Due to the popularity of the products, it expects that this zero waste shop can spread compostable products to more people. At least, people know where to go if they need aesthetic and biodegradable products.

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