Green Book Global Launches Travel Review and Booking Site Dedicated to the Black Travel Experience

The online booking site already has over 5000 black travel tips and experiences from black travellers all over the world and offers 3 separate avenues for its clients to earn cash

Green Book Global has announced the launch of a new travel review and booking site dedicated to the Black travel experience. The company’s vision is to inspire and empower black travellers so they can confidently explore the world.

According to Green Book Global, few trusted resources provide information on specific issues that affect Black people while travelling. Most of the review blogs and booking sites either adopt a general outlook when planning travelling experiences or are predominantly characterised by White views and perspectives.

Green Book Global strives to be the most trusted resource of the black travel experience for every destination and currently has over 5000 black travel tips and experiences from Black travellers from all over the world. Specific information covered in the reviews include things to do, adventure, relaxation, local foods, affordability, romance, nightlife, history, and most importantly what it is like Travelling While Black.  Moreover, the site’s name pays homage to the original Negro Motorist Green Book first published in 1936 which  was a key travel resource that aided black travelers in their navigation of the Unites States during Jim Crow and segregation.

In addition, the company has also revealed 3 ways in which travellers will be able to earn cash using its service. Green Book Global says travellers can earn cash by 1) booking any part of a trip through its website with familiar brands like, Marriott etc., 2) by leaving quality destination reviews on the site after their trip, and 3) by simply visiting the website regularly (at least once every week).

While the brand’s free membership will allow travellers to access thousands of black travel tips across the world, in order to earn cash back, travellers must subscribe to either the Gold or Platinum level membership.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Lawrence Phillips, who created the platform after he saw a void in the travel space during his own 30 country, 7 continent adventure around the world. While Lawrence has always loved travelling, during his “gap-year” he noticed that there was an opportunity to create a resource that would allow black people to travel more confidently.  Additionally, he is also passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting and working with destinations to help them create a more inclusive travel space.

He is also a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant and works with destinations to help them create a more equitable travel space for black travellers. Lawrence says his love for travel spurred him to embark on an around the world adventure that took him to all 7 continents, including Antarctica, and paved the way to help make a travel platform dedicated to the black travel experience.

a) The brand’s founder, Lawrence Phillips, over 10 years of implementing complex systems and supporting change management for one of the largest consulting firms in the world. Lawrence says his love for travel spurred him to embark on a new adventure of making a more equitable space for black travellers.

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