Gorgeous Cow Secret Society to Officially Launch Their Debut NFT Collection

First charity-driven elite secret community, Gorgeous Cow Secret Society, announces plans to launch their NFT project

Gorgeous Cow Secret Society looks set to challenge the status quo in the global NFT market as the community-driven project announces plans to launch their first collection of digital arts. The GC NFT collection is part of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem designed to offer members of the community unlimited opportunities and access to a wide range of activities and perks by becoming members of their project.

Gorgeous Cow Secret Society is the first élite community focused on wealth, donations and secret society”.

Non-fungible tokens otherwise known as NFTs have practically taken the digital space by storm, with some experts describing the concept as the biggest thing in the world of blockchain. The market has evolved and grown in a relatively short while to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to a report published by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global non-fungible token market is expected to grow from $14.02 billion in 2021 to $82.43 billion in 2026, driven by the increasing demand for digital artwork and emergence of several projects across the globe. However, the Gorgeous Cow Secret Society aims to add a twist to the whole space with the launch of their unique collection with tons of benefits to holders.

The story begins in Amsterdam, where an underground secret organization is forming with a shaorma shop as a front. The Gorgeous Cow NFT is required for entry to the clubs, which have two more locations, one in Dubai and one in Tokyo.

GC holders automatically become members of the secret society that promotes donations and wealth creation, with features such as staking, airdrops, trading, and Metaverse. In addition to possessing full commercial rights to the digital arts, GC holders also enjoy private entry pass to exclusive parties organized by the society as well as voting rights to select charities to receive donations. Other perks that come with buying GC are exclusive access to limited collection merch, opportunity to buy land in Cowqua, the society’s Metaverse, and a world of surprises.

For further information about the NFT collection launch and other projects from the Gorgeous Cow Secret Society, visit – https://www.gorgeouscow.com/. Gorgeous Cow Secret Society also has a growing online community across social media, including Telegram and Discord.

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