Good News for All the Job Aspirants Out There

“With just a click, LazyApply will help job aspirants to apply to over thousands of jobs”

NEW DELHI, DELHI – LazyApply, founded in 2021 by Vivek Dwivedi, is an incredible chrome extension software that will allow job aspirants to apply to thousands of jobs on their behalf through automation. It covers all the major job search platforms like Indeed and Linkedin. The advanced AI will generate cover letters and answer generic questions for its users to the platform they are applying for, based on the information given by the user. All of the information, skills and resumes provided by the user are saved in the software itself so that it can submit them accordingly. This game-changing app can help job aspirants all over the world by removing all the hassles of applying for jobs and saving up their time and energy.

LazyApply gives its users access to unlimited Linkedin profile emails, so they can directly reach out to the contact rather than having to wait for an opportunity for these contacts to come to them. By using this software, job aspirants can rest easy knowing that they are proactive in their job hunt. This software also provides a daily analytic report and once a week call to check on how the applications are performing. Users can go over new strategies and tweak profile data to make sure they are on the right path to their best career opportunity.

“Our scripts use advanced algorithms, so your profiles will never get blocked by platforms.” – LazyApply.

LazyApply has a very convenient user interface which makes it very easy to use for its users. Users can use this software in very simple steps that include:

– Downloading and installing the chrome extension

– Logging in to the extension

– Filling up their resume

– Start applying

With very quick and constant application submission, LazyApply will give its users a competitive edge to their job applications. The best part about LazyApply is that it is a one-time investment, which means that the users only have to pay 65$ to have lifetime access to the software with free updates.

Job aspirants can visit to start using their services and remove all the hassles of job applications.

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