‘Gone With the Fire’ Is the TrailBlazing Queer Romance Feature Headed for the Silver Screen

Gifted 20-year-old actress/model Blondness (Persephone Dolce) landed a collaboration with production company Oxford Street Pictures [UK] for an upcoming US theatrical feature film titled ‘Gone with the Fire’.

Set to be 2023’s trailblazing queer romance, the movie, produced by Aimee White (former BBC America Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations), Alan McKenna (The Odds), Nath Milburn (VODI), and Vita Solzberg (Stand Up Boomer) has its plot set around “a young girl who, after a tragedy, falls for a boy from a powerful political dynasty. But the current opposition and secrets they hold in the past threaten to destroy them and unravel the city of New Orleans”.

Although the actual content and messaging is being kept under wraps, reportedly this film could have the largest cast of queer women in a theatrical feature …ever. “…the material is both harrowing and triumphant… this could be the most powerful drama/love story in quite some time” a SLATED screenplay reviewer stated. With a diverse cast signing on, it’d be easy to guess it’s diving into some modern hard-hitting topics of gender and sexuality while telling a new love story.

The movie stars actress/model Blondness (who also wrote the original screenplay) and Kevin Healey (who recently appeared in the Canadian festival-nominated series Homeschooled). Supporting cast includes activist and industry veteran Jazzmun Crayton (Disclosure, When We Rise), Eric Guilmette (Model/Actor), Social media influencer, and meme queen Chelin Peoples a.k.a WeLuvChe, and newcomers Antonia Wagner and Kim Cazzetto.

This will be the first feature project for the production company. However, they scored a masterstroke by engaging the notable Atlas Distribution Company (Queen of the Desert, Absolutely Anything, A royal night out) to distribute the movie in the United States theatrically.

The movie’s key producer, Aimee White, is a respected strategic partnership manager and creative executive. With her experience in BBC Studios, where she led all interactions with Warner Brother sales teams and accounted to build businesses, it’s evident the movie project is in good hands. Other sources who’re involved we’re asked if they’re concerned by the screenwriter’s youth. Almost echoing the same sentiment “Not a chance, she’s brilliant”.

Blondness will bring her multifaceted talent to the set. She’s an actress, singer, and screen/songwriter who was in a performing arts program growing up. ”Art in itself is storytelling, so I enjoy every medium of it, especially as a Black woman whose queer; it’s nice to be in control of the narrative for once instead of someone telling me what my community’s experience actually is”, she declared. This multifaceted bravado is no doubt working with gaining the eyes of the industry.

Everyone’s watching and the excitement is building around ‘Gone with the Fire’. Riley Nightingale (Worked on Netflix’s Passing) is set to D.O.P., and a notable Director is in talks. No release date has been set, but it’s expected late 2023. With a shoot reportedly in New York and Georgia. A sales campaign is engaged to secure international territories.

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