Gluteboost Wants Women Worldwide to Ditch Invasive Methods of Attaining Curves

Women and girls are encouraged to avoid fillers, fat dissolvers, extreme exercise, and more in their attempts to gain perfect bodies.

Natural curves are where it’s at, according to health and beauty e-commerce business Gluteboost.

The shape of the ideal woman has changed over the years. While in days gone by, the long, lean stature of Kate Moss’ ‘heroin chic’ and the sweet, yet starved look of sorority girls of the ‘00s was once in vogue, the feminine figures of Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian are now the look du jour, and with it, a whole new generation of women is seeking out ways to emulate these women’s desirable curves, often with dangerous results.

Search for ‘buttock fillers’ on Google, and you’ll be met with a host of horror stories detailing how the silicone and hydrogel fillers run the risk of migration, infection, disfigurement, and even stroke in some unlucky patients. Then, there is the risk that extreme dieting can have on the body to balance out those curves. In 2021, WebMD listed some of the side effects of rapid weight loss, including fatigue, dizziness, hair and muscle loss, and menstruation issues.

Gluteboost’s owner and CEO Susana Campanella wants to change all that. As a woman with an academic background in science and molecular biology, she chose to develop a range of all-natural products that promise to enhance your curves without the need for extreme measures such as going under the knife or exercising yourself to exhaustion.

“Gluteboost wants a more moisturized, plumper, and healthier curvy woman. The problem is never the curves but how you’re getting your curves,” states Chief Strategy Officer Nabile Rueda.

The holistic beauty brand, which has made a name for itself in empowering women by offering complementary training, mentorship, and career development for their continued success, currently offers a selection of metabolism-boosting teas that increase your thermogenic rate, as well as Gluteboost pills and nutritional supplements, luxuriant moisturizers that tighten and tone using plant extracts, and even bum-flattering activewear so you can look good while working out. One of their best selling products, the Booty Dream Bum Cream, was named a Women’s Health Power Pick. Susana Campanella, CEO, is very proud of the product, stating, “We spent an extensive amount of time researching all of the ingredients in our butt cream, and we formulated the precise combination of active ingredients that delivers the best possible results.”

Gluteboost’s product reviews have also been impressive, with a staggering 92% of reviewers claiming a tightening effect after applying the product.

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The Gluteboost ( line of all-natural products helps women increase their curves while trimming fat from unwanted areas.

Current product lines include: 

Booty Dream




All products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in the USA. No parabens were used in our products, and they are all cruelty-free.

Gluteboost embraces customer feedback, has top-rated customer service, and boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, please call toll-free at 1-800-926-6787 or email

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