Global Leaders Today Magazine Releases List of Global 100 Inspirational Leaders – 2022

Houston, Texas Jan 29, 2022 – Global Leaders Today, the international leadership magazine has released their special edition of Global 100 Inspirational Leaders of 2022, the definitive ranking of the top 100 remarkable leaders worldwide produced for the first time after a year of intensive research.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has topped the list due to her brilliant strategies to curb the spread of the pandemic. During her tenure, Ardern has dealt with a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption, and a global pandemic while taking care of her infant and yet emerging victorious on all fronts.

Other notable listmakers include renowned Business Mogul and Philanthropist Bill Gates at No. 2. He made the single largest donation of 2021 with a $15 billion gift to his private foundation. While Mary Barra holds the third position, she was the first woman to lead one of the big three automakers in the U.S., General Motors. During the onset of the pandemic, Barra observed the lack of ventilators and shifted G.M.’s production lines to make critically-needed ventilators to help Ventec Life System and saved a million lives in doing so.

“Despite the ongoing pandemic and the potential risks every company faces, this year saw a record number of empathetic and inspirational leadership, with CEOs and Founders pivoting their strategies to help the weaker sections of the communities. This has revolutionized business to promote humanity over the business,” said Global Leaders Today, Editor Sherlyn Gomes. “In our efforts to celebrate every leader on the list, we wish you success in the upcoming year. We would also like to highlight and congratulate all the under-represented members including women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community who have made the list. It is exciting to see Shiza Shahid’s (No. 28) name on the list, and we hope her continued success is an indicator of a more equitable and inclusive future for all.”

The list also features several inspirational youths including, sustainability warrior Greta Thunberg (No. 53) and Tiila Abbitt (No. 98), Founder & CEO of Aether Beauty. In addition, it also highlights Diversity & Inclusion experts such as Tiq Milan (No. 64), Tea Uglow (No. 71), Shani Dhanda (No. 77), and Elise Roy(No. 78).

All the leaders were ranked based on five factors: Leadership, Business Impact, Philanthropy, COVID-19 Relief Assistance, and Self Made. The comprehensive list was made across various industries and different countries across the world with an initial list of 1000 candidates that was shortened to 100 deserving candidates.

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