Global Explorer Akshay Nanavati Reveals Future Groundbreaking Expeditions

Akshay Nanavati recently returned from an expedition skiing across the Axel Heilberg glacier in Antarctica, a feat only accomplished by 26 people in the world.
Next stop, a 10-day darkness retreat in Mexico

Akshay Nanavati, the global explorer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness, has released his schedule of upcoming expeditions for 2022. On his last trip, while skiing across the Axel Heilberg glacier in Antarctica, he was evacuated by helicopter due to frostbite on three of his fingers. While his hands heal, he continues to train for his upcoming expeditions slated for this year.

His upcoming challenges are as follows:Β 

In May, a 10-day darkness retreat in Mexico – a spiritual tradition of reaching enlightenment that is practiced by many ancient cultures around the world. In order to achieve complete sensory deprivation, all electronic devices and lights of any sort are prohibited. Guided only by a raised footpath to a restroom and small fridge, Nanavati will be in complete darkness, silence, and isolation. This sort of sensory deprivation often brings on hallucinogenic visions.Β 

In October, a 22-day ski crossing expedition of the Northern Patagonian Ice Cap, where he’ll haul a sled across crevassed terrains and steep peaks in one of the most remote locations on the planet.Β 

In November, he returns to Antarctica for a solo expedition via the Hercules Inlet to reach the South Pole. This trip will test his mental and physical endurance, as he must traverse over 702 miles in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. He will be the first American ever and the first Indian-born person to complete this journey.

β€œThere’s only one way to live out the life you truly want. When you give the entirety of your soul to your worthy struggle, you will get hurt at some point. It’s inevitable. Three frostbitten fingers are a good example of that!” says Nanavati. β€œBut you have to risk the possibility of falling hard into the depths of hell if you want to feel the pure, unrestrained bliss of dancing in the heavens. That’s why I do these expeditions. They are my worthy struggle. I think everyone has their own worthy struggle worth risking.” 

Having successfully recovered from drug addiction, PTSD, depression, and alcoholism, Nanavati is a living example of post-traumatic thriving. His path shows people how to find a worthy struggle, live it, and love every moment of the journey.

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