Global 3D Bioprinting Market to Surpass 1 Bn by End of 2027, Finds Bekryl Market Analysts

3D Bioprinting Market Size Analysis | Bekryl Market Analysts
obal 3D bioprinting market is estimated to be valued at US$ 203 million in 2022 and is expected to register above 40.0% CAGR during the forecast period.

According to the recently released report by Bekryl, Global 3D bioprinting market is estimated to be valued at US$ 203 million in 2022 and is expected to register above 40.0% CAGR during the forecast period. Demand for 3D Bioprinting is increasing due to increasing prevalence in chronic disease, growing ageing population, and technological advancements in tissue engineering and additive manufacturing (AM). 

Excerpts from the report states that North America 3D bioprinting market is estimated to dominate the global revenue in 2022. The market in the region is estimated to account for above 61% share in 2022. However, the region will lose basis points to Asia Pacific and Latin America. This signifies increasing product penetration in developing economies. India 3D Bioprinting market is estimated to be valued at US$ 6 Mn in 2022.  

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Few key trends from 3D Bioprinting market: 

Trend#1: Players Focus on Partnering With Various Local And Regional Players In Order To Enhance Its Presence 

In July 2020, PeptiGelDesign announced Appleton Woods as its UK distributor partner for PeptiGel range of synthetic hydrogels for 3D cell culture, spheroid and organoid growth and drug discovery 
In September 2020, GeSiM partnered with InnoRegen, Inc., a South Korean-based bioink company, in order to sale the latter company’s bioink products 

Trend#2: By 2030, 38% of Total 3D Bioprinting Sales will be Dominated by Extrusion Segment 

As of 2022, approximately 2/3rd of global 3D Bioprinting is estimated to dominated by extrusion segment.  

 Trend#3: Key Players in the 3D Bioprinting Industry Focus on Merging and Acquiring with Other Players 

In August 2020, Cellink AB entered into an agreement to acquire Scienion Ag, in order to adopt the latter’s precision dispensing technologies in to its current product offerings 
In May 2020, CELLINK announced partnership with AstraZeneca to provide advanced 3D-bioprinted liver organoids. CELLINK has an R&D lab in AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub in Gothenburg, Sweden. The new collaboration will leverage CELLINK’s innovative and patent-pending bioink, Extra Cellular Matrix and Laminin based bioinks, which enables human cells to grow and function as they would in the human body.  

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The top 20 3D Bioprinting manufacturers are: 

Cellink AB 
Aspect Biosystems 
Cellbricks GmbH 
3D Bioprinting Solutions/Vivax Bio 
3Dynamic Systems 
Microdrop Technologies 
MicroFab Technologies 
Regemat 3D 
Revotek Co, Ltd. 
BioBots (now Allevi) 
BioDan Group 
Prellis Biologics Inc. 
Vivax Bio 

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