Get the Best Hair Care and Styling Tips With the Best Beauty Expert Kristine Afram

Get the best hair care and styling tips with the best beauty expert Kristine Afram
“It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, dry hair, or any other type of hair—certain hair care tips are universal. While you may want to tailor your routine to your hair type, the basics of hair care are just as important to know—if not more so.” – Kristine Afram.

Bad hair day is a real thing! Isn’t it? Does that bouncy and voluminous mane models flaunt in hair care ads seem like a far-fetched dream to you most of the time? We agree, most of them do go a bit overboard. But hair care experts opine that the dream of healthy hair can be turned into reality with proper hair care. Discover a curated list of top hair care and styling tips with the best and renowned beauty expert and fashion influencer Kristine Afram.

From time to time, the top fashion influencer and beauty expert Kristine Afram appears to her followers to spread some new hints and tips that help them find their right beauty path. This time, Kristine chose new controversial topic that most women are worried about. To help them get the best hair care and styling tips, Kristine shares some of her wide knowledge concerning this topic.

“To get the best hair style and look, you should wash your hair with Lukewarm water, condition it correctly, concentrate shampoo on the scalp, be extra thorough with rinsing, don’t dry off using a towel, and finally protect your hair before heat styling.” Kristine Afram.

1) Wash Lukewarm water with:

“Scalding showers may feel relaxing, but if you’re being real with yourself, they aren’t worth it.” Kristine said. That almost-too-hot-to-touch water can actually strip your hair of essential oils, which can leave it feeling drier and looking duller. So when taking a shower, one should adjust the temperature. Lukewarm water is just as effective at getting you clean, without being quite as harsh on your hair.

2) Condition correctly:

Keep it in mind that a conditioner only needs to be placed on certain sections of your hair. Kristine comments, “Skip applying it near your roots, and apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Conditioning at the roots can end up weighing down your hair. As for hair tips for application, try distributing the conditioner through your hair with a wide-tooth comb, which can help detangle your hair.”

3) Concentrate shampoo on the scalp:

In contrast to conditioner, which should be focused on the lengths and ends of your strands, shampoo should be concentrated on the scalp. “Your scalp is the area that really needs cleansing, so when you shampoo, keep your efforts focused on your scalp and roots.”

4) Be extra thorough with rinsing:

“Be sure to be extremely thorough with washing everything out, as leftover product can leave you with buildup.”

5) Don’t dry off using a towel:

A towel totally seems like the obvious way to remove excess water and start drying your hair post-shower, but it may not be what’s best. “Squeeze out excess water and then dry off using an old cotton T-shirt, which is gentler than a towel.”

6) Protect hair before heat styling:

“We all love how our hair looks after a blowout or heat styling session, but excessive heat styling can do a number on your hair. Every single time, you should be applying a protective product first. Spritz on a heat protectant before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair.”

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