Georgia, US – 3rd January, 2022 – A reliable source finally available for all art enthusiasts to get an incredible piece of ancient paintings into their home and work. Museum Artis a company in Georgia, US, that provides the best replica oil paintings of realism by top painters of their time.

The company provides all kinds of religious oil paintings. The team of remarkably talented artists creates an exact look and gets that same original feel in their creative masterpiece. They are well-trained to reproduce any ancient sculpture, tapestry, painting, vases, garden statue, Byzantine icon, Byzantine Mosaic, or marble statue as per request.

Besides, they can also do a custom art project for more personal needs. Now, people can easily choose the world’s famous handcrafted art pieces with the same methods which were used by original painters. This marks a guarantee that your museum-quality piece will be an exact lookalike of the original one.

Who Initiated the Concept of Creating Replica Paintings?

The Museum Replicaswas thought by Maria Tindemans – the company owner, almost 25 years ago, as part of her passion for art and antiques. The purpose of establishing this company is to re-create some iconic masterpieces with the same techniques once used by original painters of that time.

Be it any religious oil painting by Rubens, any iconic piece of oil paintings realism by Gustave Coubert, or any marvelous work by Marvel anywhere, at Museum Replicas, you can ask for painting that piece again. They’ll re-create in such a way that even experts won’t be able to spot the difference.

The Museum Replicas has become a reputable name across the US for giving home interiors a distinctive touch of art and decorating it with paintings created by their actual makers. 

What Makes Maria Tindemans Proud of Her Replica Painting Services?

The company is renowned around the country as an ultimate source for those interior decorators who often look for a unique touch.

We have built up an incredible reputation with the teamwork of our exclusive designers, architects, and large corporate businesses around the globe. We enjoy long-term clientele and keep on offering practices of creativity that can’t be matched by any other painter in this field. 

“Our customers range from private people who commission a custom project for their domains to organizations, huge companies and foundations that need something to separate themselves from others, and chapels who need to recover the style of times passed by.”

We own a wide selection of replicas in the entire painting industry. If you fail to find what you’ve been looking for, just let us know. We’ll facilitate you the best we can.

About the Company

Museum Replicas aims to provide you with a wonderful experience of drawing visual arts, like painting or sculptures created by great masters. As dedicated art lovers ourselves, we’re thoroughly passionate about the work we do, and so we love doing it in the best way for you.

Enhance the look and feel of your place with a classic piece of art from Museum Replicas.

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