Genesys Collection Is All Set to Launch on International Women’s Day

GENESYS Collection is a unique collection of 5555 paintings in Abstract Expressionism Style launching on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022, that can be exposed in Metaverse.

GENESYS Collection is bringing together Abstract Expressionism, Metaverse, and NFTs that make up the key components of’s project which is about to launch on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022.

What Is the GENESYS Collection?

‘GENESYS’ collections are assortments of paintings in Abstract Expressionism style initiated by and soon-to-be minted and pushed into the Metaverse. It is sufficient to state that this initiative aligns steadfastly with the @PrimeLabsNFT tagline on its Twitter bio, which says, “Art is contagious, we should pass it on.” 

The Metaverse is the channel to pass on this contagious art called Abstract Expressionism, and the prominent NFT Startup,, is minting a whopping 5555 of these pieces. 

The Exceptionality and Meaning of The Abstract Expressionism Style

The Abstract Expressionism style explains the uniqueness of this collection and the wave of impact set to be made is one that hasn’t been felt before. Abstract Expressionism was the most famous contingent of painters in the history of American art. This is why PrimeLabsNFT has chosen to set its foot on this path.

The established art world had definitions and rulebooks, but these Abstract Expressionists were not captivated with rules. They were going in contradiction of a scrap of the established art world. 

Because of the uniqueness of abstract expressionist artworks, the paintings are widely seen in exhibitions, publications, and have been converted to NFTs, especially on online markets such as OpenSea, Etsy, Rarible, etc.

Why is GENESYS Collection Being Brought to The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual home to fully realized digitized assets, not necessarily a physical museum or art gallery that can be toured or booked before making a move. 

There are several Metaverse platforms used to store digital goods, such as Cryptovoxels, Meta, Ethereum blockchain, Snowcash. Metaverse is the famous seamless storm of practical technology positioned at the intersection of arts, media, and Cryptocurrency that Gen Z’s and Millennials utilize effectively. 

This metaverse enables a whole new realm of art, allowing anyone in the world to teleport in, visit galleries, and experience famous artworks. It is revolutionizing the world of art. It eliminates the several factors that contribute to not owning art pieces, such as storage, display, transparency, location, accessibility, and authenticity. 

The GENESYS collection to be minted by the NFT Startup, PrimeLabsNFT, has been announced to be minted and brought to the Metaverse. These digital goods are to be minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

Each NFT is attached to a specific item. The core linkage between the Metaverse and NFTs is related to digital assets and how they are given value. 

Genesys Collection, Its 5555 Paintings in Abstract Expressionism Style and The Metaverse

The 5555 paintings in Abstract Expressionism style that represent the GENESYS collection of PrimeLabsNFT, are to be placed in the globally connected virtual market which is the metaverse that combines the function of galleries, museums, auctions, and a social platform. This marketplace brings out the mysterious gallery into a community platform. 

It is also pertinent to note that a Metaverse community would have been created to allow creators and artists to spend ample time in creating and trading novel items on the platform. Thereby eliminating all who stand between creation, and sale that consists of dealers, agents, art advisers, and art critics. 

As an individual or digital artist, with no one taking a cut, and with no need for a physical studio, work transacted on the blockchain is pure gravy, garnering 100% of the initial sale and almost 10% royalty every time it is resold on the blockchain. 

Nonetheless, piracy and forgery have been taken care of and cannot impede social value if digital arts are demanded to complement individuals’ social status, and the licensing itself is insufficient to secure the sense of exclusiveness.

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