Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Vancouver: Tips to Keep Gas Fireplaces Running Smoothly

Keep gas fireplaces running smoothly with a combination of daily care and professional maintenance.

Burnaby, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 02/18/2022 — Gas fireplace installation has become popular. Many people switch from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to gas, which is a cleaner, more practical, and easy-to-use model. However, gas fireplaces need a little care in addition to occasional professional maintenance to perform optimally. To learn more about maintaining or installing a gas fireplace, go to

First, it’s important to keep an eye on the general appearance of the gas fireplace – all the pieces must be well fitted and the glass must be intact, with no cracks or crevices. Also, clean the glass well from time to time, preferably using specific products or vinegar. Avoid flammable products or products with ammonia in the composition.

Occasionally, it’s important to take the opportunity to vacuum the inside of the gas fireplace. Dust, pet hair, small insects and other particles accumulate there. Inspect ceramic logs to make sure they are intact, often these pieces start to deteriorate. Logs will generally last up to ten years. However, heavy use can reduce their lifespan to just 3-5 years.

There are also some specific precautions regarding gas inlets. Always keep an eye on carbon monoxide monitors. They must always be in place to ensure safety. Pay attention if any rotten egg small is detected, the traditional small of gas. If there is a small or if the flames look erratic or uneven, it’s time to call in professional maintenance.

Finally, it is common for a gas fireplace installation to replace a traditional wood-burning fireplace. If this is the case, it is imperative to check that the space is both clean and unobstructed to avoid accidents.

Professional Gas Fireplace Maintenance

At least once a year. Generally, early summer is a good time to schedule gas fireplace maintenance. This will help ensure the fireplace is ready for the winter.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Vancouver and Burnaby

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