Garnet Thompson Releases a New Children’s Book Why the Bricklayer Smiles

Author and passionate educator, Garnet Thompson, announces the release of “Why the Bricklayer Smiles,” a children’s picture book where he teaches readers life lessons

Garnet Sheen Anthony Thompson has released a new book titled “Why the Bricklayer Smiles,” where he seeks to teach children, especially between the ages of 3 and 6, as well as other categories of readers some real-life lessons subtly. The children’s picture book chronicles the story of a bricklayer that always smiled irrespective of happenings, to the amazement of people around, including her coworker.

Children’s books remain increasingly popular, helping to encourage the young ones to read from a tender age while keeping them entertained and engaged. Consequently, the demand for children’s books as a source of education has increased tremendously over the years. However, Garnet Thompson aims to take the reading experience a notch higher through relatable stories, as substantiated by the release of Why the Bricklayer Smiles.

The story of Why the Bricklayer Smiles looks at a day in the life of a bricklayer, her son, and coworker, Aidan. The book narrates the experience of Logan during the “bring your child to work” day, with the young chap seeing his mom in all smiles as she carried out her daily deliverables. However, Logan could not help asking for the reason for his mother’s smiles, especially as her coworker, Aidan, frowned while he worked.

Why the Bricklayer Smiles reveals the mystery behind her smiles while teaching readers lessons such as the dignity in labor and the essence of diligence, with pictorial illustrations to help children get a grasp of the message.

The book is currently available on Amazon in soft pasta and Kindle versions.

About Garnet Sheen Anthony Thompson

Garnet Sheen Anthony Thompson was born in Jamaica and raised from birth by his maternal grandparents. The author lived with several different family units consisting of extended relatives and friends, including the Minister of a Church and his family, between the ages of 9 and 14. His diverse childhood experiences have influenced his works as an author, creating stories that every reader can relate to.

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