When it comes to boat waxing in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Garcia Boat Detailing is the right company.

Dania Beach, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 01/14/2022 — Applying a layer of wax on the boat a couple of times a year can keep it from oxidation. To maintain the showroom appearance of the boat throughout the year, the boat will require two coats of wax to retain its lustrous appearance. Darker-colored fiberglass hulls require far more maintenance than white fiberglass hulls. Dark hulls may require up to 2-4 applications of wax every year to keep them in good condition. The quantity of wax one should use determines how much sunshine reflects off the boat and how much it is used.

When most boat owners think about keeping their hull, they are generally concerned with cleaning it regularly to remove debris and prevent rust and discoloration from happening. Precisely, that is what one should do to ensure the long-term integrity and quality of the hull.

Let’s not forget about the glaring rays of the sun. Given that many boats spend most of their time in the sun, any custom graphics, paint, or other issues are subjected to long-term solar damage. Applying a layer of wax to the boat’s exterior will help prevent UV damage and maintain the color and quality of the boat’s surface.

Garcia Boat Detailing is a well-known company offering a range of services, including boat detailing, boat polishing, varnishing, and boat waxing in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They strive to give the boat a new look. They have built a solid reputation that has resulted in recommendations. They also promise that their yacht detailing service will exceed the clients’ expectations.

Gelcoat protects the fiberglass hull, but it isn’t as impervious to damage as one might expect. Depending on the circumstances, the yacht may require a monthly boat waxing service to protect it from salt spray, UV radiation, dock conditions, and other hazards. Waxing a boat may be time-consuming and tiresome. They have all the necessary equipment for a professional yacht waxing service and only use products for boat finishes.

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Garcia Boat Detailing offers boat painting, yacht painting, fiberglass repair, boat detailing, and other services. The experts will assess and evaluate the condition before recommending an estimated service for the boat.

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