A silent revolution took the world, not by storm, but by a whisper; a revolution that united FuryTeds in their quest to reunite with their owners and reclaim their place in the human world well past childhood.

The NFT project is here to shape the upcoming era of art and art utility through Fury of The Fur and its future, and it’ll love to have you on board for the journey.

The project is powered by a group of Tech artists and software developers with a passion for creating superior digital art. Over the past eight years they’ve built design tools and games used by tens of millions of users worldwide and were featured in world-class platforms such as The New York Times and The App Store’s homepage, gaining over 10 billion impressions on their apps collectively.

Fury of The Fur is a story-driven NFT collection with 9671 full-body collectibles designed and rendered in 3D with great design precision and attention to detail. Acquiring over 1000 different traits, FOTF is setting a new standard for rarity in the NFT world.

According to the developing team, “Going forward, We want to build this kind of hype, and even more, with our FOTF community and we want the community to decide on our focus for each phase. We want to be more than just another NFT project, our goal is pushing FOTF as far as we can in every possible horizon.

Each FuryTed is Metaverse and game-ready but there are more promising plans for FOTF – physical art toys, short and full-feature animated movies, brand collabs, merch, charities, and more.

Tarek khamis is the founder of Fury of the fur and CEO of Roadrocks. RoadRocks LLC started in Los Angeles and its now based in Dubai. The company has developed multiple hit apps, has over 10 of millions of users and many B2B apps back in the day.

They are here to stay!

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