FU-1000C Best Low Cost 1KW FM Transmitter Review

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Here is the ultimate review of the FMUSER FU-1000C 1000 watt FM transmitter. FU-1000C could have become one of the best low cost options for the people who are planning to build a brand new FM radio station, also, if you need to replace your old-time transmitter at a very reasonable cost, for like only 1840USD [limieted time], FU-1000C would be the best option.

Ready to launch a low-cost FM radio station but not deciding how to start yet? Here will be some of the best tips that can help you to pick up the best 1000 watt FM transmitter, you will acquire why you need one for the station, from the quality and price info, including everything you need.

Editor’s Pickup

To begin with, FU-1000C is mostly the best low-cost 1000 watts FM transmitter option for some new FM radio stations. If you are an FM radio station starter, how to choose the right broadcast equipment for the radio buildup from the beginning? Piece of advice from the RF expert: it would be highly recommended to start from the best 1000 w FM transmitter. FU-1000C is engaged in FM broadcasting not so long since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aims of “lowering the radio station equipment cost”, it becomes much popular for pro broadcasters and has gained favours among the people who want to start a low-cost 1KW radio station.

Main Highlights

If you’re already running a drive-in church or drive-in movie or you want to try a new drive-in service, a reliable 1000 watt FM transmitter is needed to accompany you around. If you are a radio manager who manages a small town with many drive-in churches and drive-in theatres, a reliable FU-1000C FM broadcast transmitter can help you better manage your broadcast affairs and create unlimited business opportunities for you and your town.

All-in-one Rack Type Design: comes with excellent broadcast experience as well as “dead-easy” operation, this 1000W FM radio transmitter is one of the best choices of low-power medium-sized FM broadcast radio stations.
Practical USB Design: the audio input interface can help you quickly import and automatically identify MP3 audio signals of all kinds of custom content, you can always switch any of different audio content at any time
Outstanding Audio Mode Design: switched single/stereo audio mode is optional for you to meed your special audio playback need
SCA / RDS Subcarrier Input: is supported for the combining use of text broadcast signal and the audio broadcast signal, which enhances the human-machine-human interaction and expands the diversity of traditional broadcast
XLR / RCA / USB Inputs:  stereo audio signals are supported to arbitrarily adjust the size of the audio gain function, which makes the radio broadcast much more joyful
1KW TPO: can be tuned up to 1000W and a one-button on/off function is supported
Innovative SWR Protection: it ensures that the problem caused by the abnormal SWR does not affect the transmitter operation, if there is no antenna to connect to the transmitter, or when the antenna is mismatching to the transmitter, the function will be automatically started and protect the transmitter.
Completely Inside Accessory Protection: When the fuselage temperature is too high, the transmitter will automatically enter the protection state, which can effectively avoid a series of serious impacts from the internal temperature of the transmitter.
Micro-Processing Solution: ensures the durability and efficiency of the FM radio transmitter
RS232 Remote Control Technology: can connect to the computer for remote controlling so that you can implement instant operation without face-to-face operating the transmitter
Signal Transmission Control: it has truly achieved the industry-leading ultra-low-emission power and frequency deviation standard

How to keep the existing radio station audience and attract a more new audience is the eternal discussing topic for the radio station operators. But it is certain that no one is willing to listen to the radio program full of noise.

So the question is, how can you completely transmit the high fidelity radio signal to the audience? Don’t worry, FU-1000C can perfectly solve this problem.

As an FM stereo transmitter with a high signal-to-noise ratio (≥ 70dB), just add a 1000 watts FM transmitter like FM-1000C to your radio station, you won’t have to worry about all kinds of annoying broadcast noise anymore!

FMUSER FU-1000C 1000 w FM transmitter is on sale now, 20% off, and now is only 1,840 USD [limited time], get one and build your own low-cost radio station!


Choosing FU-1000C means lowering buying costs and improving work efficiency. With a completely all-in-one compact design, FU-1000C has a pro-design style front panel. There is a cooling fan as the air intake window on its left, with an HD display screen on its left that can display real-time RF data for you.

FU-1000C perfectly meets your needs with a one-jog dial that can be pressed and tuned for up to 14 RF options on the real-time menu.

A USB interface is designed that allows you to have your customized music broadcasting to your audiences from your FM radio station.

In addition to the power key and four exhaust windows, FU-1000C is also a professional 1000 watt FM radio station that is equipped with a lot of expansion interfaces, including an RDS interface, RDS volume adjustment button, XLR seat audio input interface, RS232 interface, and dual lotus audio input interface. Plug them in and start your wonderful broadcasting experience.

The tunning button makes operation easy, and the various interfaces ensure it can perform well no matter in professional FM radio stations or amateur FM radio stations. They provide a better experience for the FM owners.

Power On

FU-1000C 1000 watt FM transmitter will enter protection mode if starting without connecting the FM antenna (NOTE: Ensure to connect the FM antenna before starting the transmitter up). It helps to avoid damage to the FM radio transmitter damage due to disconnection with the FM antenna.

If connect the FU-1000C with the FM antenna and start it up, its display shows the real working status of the machine, including the real working frequency, output power, working temperature, and some other parameters.

Adjustable Setting Options

These parameters of FU-1000C mentioned above can be adjusted one by one by rotating and pressing the tuning button. By rotating the tuning button clockwise, 14 options would be shown in turn on the screen:

Among them, these 5 options are pretty practical.

Frequency Set – In this option, the working frequency can be adjusted from 87.0 MHz to 108.0 MHz in steps of 50.0 kHz.

RF On / Off and Real Power – It is allowed to switch on or off the transmission functions and adjust the transmitting power from 0 – 1000 watts. The real power is displayed on it as well.

Temp Set – The protection temperature range can be set here with a range of 50-75 ℃. At the same time, it also displays the real-time working temperature of the FM broadcast transmitter.

Log Set – FU-1000C also provides a log record query, which reports the alarm and usage status of the FM radio transmitter up to now. It contains the alarm type, alarm number, the total number of alarms, working time, including alarm time, temperature, SWR and transmitting power.

Scan Set – It is such a practical function. It would scan the standing wave values of the whole frequency band and give 3 frequency points with the lowest ones.

It can be seen that FU-1000C 1 KW FM transmitter provides many adjustable settings to perfectly meet the different broadcasting needs.

Sound quality

The test of the audio transmission performance of the FU-1000C 1000 watts FM transmitter is carried out in a country town without high-rise buildings.

The FU-1000C 1000 watt FM transmitter is set with the output power of 100 watts, the working frequency point with VSWR of 1.5:1, and connected with a standard FM dipole antenna.

In this test, the radio receives the FM signals in a place around 10 kilometres away.

This reflects the performance brought by its perfect parameters, such as only 0.02% distortion, up to 70dB signal-to-noise ratio, 60dB stereo separation, etc.


RF Part


Frequency Modulation

Frequency Stabilization Method

PLL Phase-locked loop

Nominal Transmission Frequency

87 MHz – 108 MHz (Customized)

Frequency Deviation

± 75 Hz

The Frequency Step Value

50 kHz

The Output Impedance

50 Ω

RF Output Connector

L29-K or other specified connectors

The Output RF Power

0 -1000 W continuously adjustable

The Output Power Deviation

± 10 W

RF efficiency

> 75%

Pilot Frequency Deviation

± 0.1 Hz

Harmonic Radiation Suppression

< -70 dB

Internal Residual Wave Radiation

< -70 dB

High-Temporal Harmonic Radiation

< -65 dB

Parasitic Modulation Noise

< -50 dB


Audio Part

Audio Input Interface


Audio Input Level

< 15 dBV

Sign Noise Ratio

≥ 70 dB (1 kHz, 100% modulation)

Stereo Separation

≥ 60 dB (L → R, R → L)


≤ 0.02% (30 Hz – 15000 Hz, 100% modulation)

Frequency Response

50 – 15000 Hz

Audio Preload

0 μs / 50 μs / 75 μs optional

Left And Right Channel Level Difference

≤0.05 dB (100% modulation)


General Part

Chassis Size

2U (length 530 mm × width 340 mm × height 100 mm)

Chassis Size

2U (length 20.8-inch × width 13.3-inch × height 4 inch)

Machine Weight

10 kg

Machine Weight

22 lbs

Heat Dissipation

Mode: Air-cooling

Chassis Standard

19 inches

External Control Interface


The Protection Mode

high temperature and high VSWR protection supported

Relative Humidity

< 95%

Altitude Height

< 4500 M

Power Supply Voltage

100 VAC – 240 VAC / 50 Hz

Run Ambient Temperature

-10 ° C – + 45 ° C

Maximum Power

Consumption: 1500 W

Last Words

It can be said that FU-1000C from FMUSER is the best 1000 w FM transmitter now. Firstly, the competitive price. For most FM radio station owners, especially for those who build up FM radio stations for the first time, it can save a lot of buying costs. Secondly, its outstanding transmission performance and 14 optional settings enable it to perfectly meet the different broadcasting needs, no matter it is city radio stations, broadcasters, professional FM radio stations, amateur FM radio stations, etc. Finally, its humanized protection functions and easy operation method can make it easy to get the hang of it for everyone, even for the rookie.

If you have any questions about the FU-1000C 1 KW FM transmitter, or you have any other better ideas, please feel free to contact us!

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