From the ashes of personal trials, a vibrant online gift shop has risen. Michelle Jennings, CEO of The Doodle Den LLC, bears testimony to the enduring strength of human spirit. Through a life-altering injury in 2018 and the heartbreaking losses of her sister in February 2022 and her beloved father in October of the same year, Jennings has woven threads of resilience and compassion into the very fabric of her business. Despite each bout of adversity met with every business milestone, her determination remained unfazed. Her father, a steadfast pillar of support during her rehabilitation, continues to inspire her from beyond. This press release marks the launch of a campaign in his honor, a testament to his enduring influence on The Doodle Den LLC and the Jennings family’s resilience.

Born in Rhode Island and currently residing in Medford, ME, Michelle Jennings embodies perseverance and community spirit.  The heartwarming narrative of The Doodle Den LLC was born from her inspiring story of saving a Golden Doodle dog from a pound. Today, this once humble endeavor has blossomed into a one-stop online gift shop, offering everything from designer purses to children’s gifts and even hosting virtual parties, all designed to cater to a broad spectrum of customers.

In 2018, during a challenging period in a nursing home, Jennings found herself at a crossroads. Only two doors down from her, she was overwhelmed with a sense of despair. But it was in this trying moment that she was encouraged by her best friend since the 4th grade who told her to fight, to not give up. She found Michelle by complete accident because as it turned out, her dad was in the same nursing home.  Her words ignited a spark in Jennings and ultimately laid the foundation for her future enterprise. Her best friend promised to stand by Jennings if she fought her way out, a promise she kept. Nine months later, Jennings received a call about Sarah, a soon-to-be integral part of her journey. Ever since, Sarah has been a constant companion and buddy, symbolizing the tenacity that Jennings embodies and that The Doodle Den LLC champions.

The unique idea for The Doodle Den came during Jennings’ rehabilitation after a serious fall that resulted in a severe neck injury. She found solace and support in her service dog and wanted to extend that comfort to others who may be facing similar challenges.

In an act of profound kindness, we aim to breed service animals, specifically Aussiedoodles, and lovingly gift one to two puppies to individuals who find the cost of a service animal beyond their means,” reveals Jennings. “This isn’t simply a case of breeding dogs; it goes beyond that. These animals, blessed with high intelligence, offer much more than meets the eye. They provide loyal companionship and invaluable aid to those standing at life’s difficult intersections.” Jennings’ voice resonates with emotion as she continues, “The bond with my dog, it’s a life-saving one – I saved her, and in return, she saved me. These animals become an indispensable part of our families, playing a pivotal role in an individual’s path to rehabilitation. Their role, their presence, is powerful and transformative, to say the least.”

But The Doodle Den LLC is more than just a retail shop. In addition to offering limited supply products encouraging customers to make quick purchases, it operates as a symbol of resilience and a promise of outstanding customer service.

“What truly distinguishes us is a blend of our unique story, our meaningful mission, and our unwavering commitment to customer service,” shares Jennings passionately. “Our ambition is to provide our customers with the nostalgic feel of an old-time shop in the heart of modern times. But what truly elevates our venture is our heartfelt love for community. We believe in inclusivity – no one is left out. To us, community is not confined to your geographical location; it surrounds us, permeating every aspect of our lives. Our aim is to reinforce unity, echoing the essence of our nation, and in doing so, we aspire to build a large, loving family that extends beyond boundaries.”

Her boyfriend, Raymond, serves as the company’s CFO, playing an integral role in The Doodle Den’s journey. Raymond is also my caregiver and is the backbone to this organization. My daughter Jillian (my IT and Social Media specialist) has also gone through adversity from a young age and at one point saved my life..if it wasn’t for her, I would not be here to tell the story.

Moreover, in their quest to give back to the community, Jennings plans to set up a non-profit foundation in which a portion of the sales from The Doodle Den LLC will be directed towards The Doodle Den Foundation. Its aim is to aid individuals recovering from serious illnesses or injuries and provide them with resources for rehabilitation, including service animals.

This growing business also supports the military and other special groups and at the moment, everyone has the opportunity to receive a 30-50% discount on all products everyday, showcasing Jennings’ commitment to service and her values of gratitude and community support. They work with and donate to other non-profit organizations that support military, police, fire, children & essential workers. By the way, did we mention that The Doodle Den officially became a non-profit organization? On August 3, 2023 The Doodle Den Foundation was birthed and is here to serve even more people in need.

Despite no formal business awards, Jennings’ academic background in Criminal Justice and Psychology, coupled with her personal experiences, has given her a unique perspective and the tools necessary to build a successful business and serve her customers effectively.

The Doodle Den LLC is a reflection of Jennings’ perseverance, her love for her community in Medford, and her passion for helping others. As the business expands, Jennings continues to focus on her mission: “You can do anything if you put your heart and mind to it.”

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About The Doodle Den LLC

Founded in 2022 by Michelle Jennings, The Doodle Den LLC is an online one-stop gift shop offering a variety of products for all ages. The company is based in Medford, ME, and prides itself on its customer service, unique product offering, and dedication to helping the community. The Doodle Den LLC is set to grow exponentially while continuing to serve its customers with passion and dedication.

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