From New Jersey to the World, This Is How MOON Is Building the Largest Dance Battle Competition to Support Struggling Communities.

Moon is a professional dancer and model from New Jersey who has worked with many well-known professionals in the industry. He aims to build the world’s largest dance battle competition to draw more attention to dance and support struggling communities.

MOON, also known as William Liu, is a talented and passionate professional dancer and model hailing from East Brunswick, New Jersey. At the young age of 24, he has already established himself as a highly successful performer, having traveled around the world and worked with many renowned artists in the industry.

While MOON has achieved great success as a performer, his mission is much larger than that. He is driven by the desire to create the largest dance battle competition in the world from scratch, to provide greater recognition and support to the often-overlooked community of dancers. MOON believes that dancers are often overworked, underpaid, and undervalued, and he wants to make a difference in their lives by bringing greater attention to the art of dance in a way that has never been done before.

MOON has been studying this concept for a while and has developed original, never-before-seen content that he believes will captivate audiences and draw them in. He has a dream of building a highly successful and massively popular show that people can look forward to with excitement, and where he can give away tons of money to help struggling communities, inspired by philanthropist Mr. Beast. Having met Mr. Beast and his team personally, MOON was struck by his impact on society and aspires to make similar contributions through his dance competition.

In 2017, MOON won first place in a competition and has since performed in various private and public shows in China, continuing to refine his craft and hone his skills as a performer. His ultimate goal, however, is to create a brand that he can be proud of, one that represents his vision and values, and to create a platform for dancers to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the art of dance.

Through his social media presence, MOON interacts regularly with his 11.6k followers on Instagram, sharing his journey and passion for dance with the world. He hopes to get verified and increase his engagement to spread his message further, and to continue to inspire young producers, singers, artists, mix engineers, and record labels to pursue their passions and dreams with the same level of dedication and commitment that he brings to his craft.

In short, MOON is a young and ambitious individual who has a big dream and the skills and determination to make it a reality. He is dedicated to the art of dance and to building a community of recognition and support around it, and he has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of dancers all around the world.

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