Groundbreaking NFT project casting the fortune spell everywhere, Lucky Panthers, announces plans to officially launch with minting scheduled for 22nd January, 2022.

The Lucky Panther project might just be the next big thing in the global NFT market, creating a connection between physical and meta through the power of great design under the motto: “Feel Super Fantastic.” The lucky panthers NFT project is a Web native ecosystem that is particularly unique as it offers an unprecedented blend of the internet culture and modern culture, with a touch of meme style and poetry, humor and maximalism.

The fast-emerging global NFT market has practically exploded in recent times, amidst increasing acceptance and popularity of the digital economy. In a related development, a plethora of projects have emerged to deliver solutions to blockchain enthusiasts. However, Lucky Panthers is looking to take the experience a notch higher following the launch of their NFT collection.

The collection features 888 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, bringing together physical and virtual utility. Each character is created by a custom generative algorithm out of 10,000+ options and subsequently registered on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to champion the innovation in designing of wearables for metaverse, creating what can be described as a dogecoin for NFT space with a very solid and palpable utility.

The project combines real-world and virtual world utilities with metaverse wearables to create a ripple of fame wherever they invade – and they are landing on Earth now. Each NFT narrates a story of its eccentric travel and promise to deliver super fantastic experiences to those who hold it.

A unique feature of the project is the fair distribution approach adopted, with no whitelist for Lucky Panthers and a fixed total supply of 888 Lucky Panthers NFTs to be minted on 22 January, 2022 at 0.0444 ETH each. In a related development, the Metaverse helmet X is ready and will be airdropped to all Lucky Panthers owners. The collection of wearables for Metaverse, especially Decentraland, will start with the Meta suit XX and META Helmet X, offering an one-in-all solution for the most fantastic adventures in the meta space. All collectors will be able to download the original 3D model of the helmet, which will be available for wearing in Decentraland.

For more information about the Lucky Panthers project and how to be a part of the revolution, visit – The project also enjoys a massive following across social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.

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