From 51 Business Essentials to 12 Great Business Principles, Alexis Coates New Book Is a Must-Have for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Alexis Coates is thrilled to announce the launch of his new book, 12 Great Business Principles, which will be followed by a training program for individuals who intend to master the art of running successful businesses

A common dilemma for intending and already established business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups is figuring out the right steps to take when starting, growing, or managing a business venture. There are thousands of business books and resources online that claim to be the “go-to” for business success, but these do not provide the desired results. Despite the surplus information on business growth, businesses still fail.

To rewrite this narrative and provide business owners and entrepreneurs with actionable steps and strategies to start a business from the ground up and scale, business coach Alexis Coates is excited to announce the release of 12 Great Business Principles, a book that contains essential skills which every entrepreneur needs to develop and grow to succeed in business.

“Successful business people have the foresight to anticipate their next five moves by looking at the pieces in front of them,” Alexis Coates asserts. “I intend to assist entrepreneurs in understanding exactly what they need to do next to build their business. The book, 12 Great Business Principles will be handy for anyone who has run into a brick wall, lost their motivation, or need new ideas to take their business to the next level.”

Alexis Coates infuses his expertise as a result-driven business coach to ensure the book is nothing short of the business owner’s companion. 12 Great Business Principles will teach readers how to start their business, build a business, why many businesses fail, and how to make the correct business partnerships. It is undoubtedly a go-to resource for learning the core ideas underlying a successful business.

Together with the book launch, Alexis Coates is offering a business training and consultancy session where he would train entrepreneurs and business owners on the art of making a business work. Alexis has been recognized as a leader in education and served a term as board chair of the National Academy Foundation High School in Baltimore, MD. He has also been honored in business by awards, including Product of the Year for his educational software, Innovator of the Year by The Daily Record, and Business Leader of the Year by BMORE Media, among many others.

The testament of Alexis’ wealth of experience is evident in his result-driven coaching, which has turned hundreds of entrepreneurs into successful business owners. Alexis is the author of 51 Business Essentials, a concise compilation of the best-kept secrets of the business world. Of course, the 12 Great Business Principles is a must-read for any serious executive, strategist, or entrepreneur.

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About Alexis Coates

Alexis Coates is the father of three wonderful children and the founder of Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Alexis grew up in the inner city in a stable, close-knit environment with his parents and siblings. He is a serial entrepreneur, community leader, and businessperson committed to building legacy businesses for his family and community.

As founder of, Alexis is building the premier news portal for business and political news impacting Black people worldwide. He credits his success to living by the mantra – ‘Never quit no matter how hard it gets, success is just around the corner.’

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