With FCP Pay, French Connection Finance is simplifying the way how investors purchase products and services

French Connection Finance ($FCF) is a dividend-generating cryptocurrency that is launching an innovative payment gateway called FCF Pay. FCF Pay will allow crypto investors to use their cryptocurrency to purchase products and services with ease.

To use FCF Pay, one can simply connect their wallet to the FCF payment gateway, decide which of their cryptocurrencies they would like to use to make the purchase, and complete their transaction with ease. It really is that simple.

The days of swapping crypto for fiat and then waiting for the deposit to land in the bank account are over.

Using FCF Pay, anybody will be able to purchase a car with Cardano, shoes with Shib, and Uber Eats with Ethereum — to give just a few examples.

The merchant side of things will be innovative, too. The merchant accepting the cryptocurrency payment will have the option of receiving either crypto or fiat. Merchants using FCF Pay will also have an advantage due to the low fee structure being implemented.

The fee structure will be less than existing credit card processing companies and money transfer companies like PayPal. Additionally, merchants will receive their payments near-instantly!

FCF Pay has already integrated with WooCommerce, and it is in the process of being integrated with Shopify. Integrating with these e-commerce giants will effectively unite the $4.2 Trillion Dollar e-commerce industry with the crypto world — thereby positioning FCF Pay as an essential technology of the future.

Beta is launching on January 4th and will be conducted in cooperation with a number of real e-commerce businesses, thereby providing the FCF development team with valuable/real world feedback.

Although this is the beta phase, FCF Pay is a fully built product as it stands. Beta testing will simply ensure that any and all minor bugs are resolved prior to the public launch of FCF Pay (tentatively set for February).

FCF Pay — Benefits for Investors

While FCF Pay will benefit everyone — from customer to merchant — there are additional benefits for FCF investors.

The first benefit is an added source of dividend revenue. As people might know (follow this link to read more about FCF tokenomics) FCF investors earn dividends just for holding FCF tokens in their wallets. These dividends are paid automatically every 24 hours in the form of BNB. Dividends are generated through a tax that is placed on every FCF trade.

With the addition of FCF Pay, there is an addition of dividends. This source of dividends is generated through the fee structure of the payment gateway. In other words, every time someone makes a purchase through FCF Pay, a portion of the fees will be sent to the dividend pool and distributed among FCF holders.

The Great Burn: 

In addition to increasing dividends for FCF investors, those who hold FCF will benefit through the burn protocol that is associated with FCF Pay. Specifically, every time someone makes a purchase through the payment gateway, FCF tokens will be purchased by French Connection Finance and those tokens will be burned.

This means that over time, the supply of FCF will decrease, creating an opportunity for exponential growth for FCF investors.

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