Freedom Apparel Inc Set to Launch the Dreamade Pillow

Leading clothing manufacturing company, Freedom Apparel Inc., announces the launch of Dreamade Pillow, a fully adjustable pillow to relieve body pains and deliver better sleep

The team at Freedom Apparel Inc., led by the passionate and forward-thinking entrepreneur, David Song, recently announced the launch of a new product,Β Dreamade Pillow. The product was developed in collaboration with a US-licensed chiropractic doctor, Dr. William Choi, to help relieve neck and shoulder pains and ultimately ensure that customers enjoy every second spent in bed. In a related development, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is set to be launched for the product, allowing as many people as possible across the globe to be a part of the good sleep initiative.

β€œI’ve seen many patients with chronic neck and shoulder pains caused by using inadequate pillows,” said Dr. William Choi.

β€œMy neck and shoulder pains are gone and I sleep better than I’ve ever had in my life,” said David Song. β€œYour neck and shoulders will thank you for using Dreamade Pillow.”

Sleeplessness remains one of the major challenges faced by millions of people in different parts of the world. Over the years, a plethora of solutions have been developed to help people enjoy their sleep, with adequate quality pillows identified as a major determinant. According to a report published by Vantage Market Research, the global bed pillows market was valued at $14.28 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will reach $21.77 billion by 2028. Unfortunately, a majority of the products in the market do not effectively address the concerns of users, especially persons suffering from pains in the neck and shoulder. However, Freedom Apparel Inc. seeks to change this narrative with the launch of Dreamade Pillow.

The product is designed as an adjustable, four-section pillow with neck support. Developed by Dr. William Choi, an experienced chiropractor with years of working with different categories of clients, Dreamade Pillow is created to meet the diverse needs of users. Dr. Choi leverages his experience and expertise to develop the all-inclusive solution that will undoubtedly change the sleeping experience of millions of people worldwide.

For further information about Dreamade Pillow and to be one of the first to own the revolutionary product, visitΒ Kickstarter.

About Freedom Apparel Inc.

Freedom Apparel Inc. is a Los Angeles-based clothing company founded by David Song. The company has been in the industry for over 15 years, working with professionals across industries to create groundbreaking products for different categories of people.

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