FoxNews Talks With Kelly LeBrock on Why She Left Hollywood and Her Lauded Cameo Role in Her New Comedy “Tomorrow’s Today”.

Gene Wilder and Kelly Le Brock in publicity portrait for the film “The Woman In Red,” 1984. Courtesy FoxNews.
FoxNews’ Stephanie Nolasco talks with 80s supermodel and acclaimed actress in films such as Weird Science and Woman in Red, Kelly Le Brock about her return to the movies for a very special comedy, Tomorrow’s Today.


Above: Kelly LeBrock appears in Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today now streaming on Plex, Amazon Prime, AppleTV and major platforms.

FoxNews’ Stephanie Nolasco reported on Kelly LeBrok’s return to the movies for a very special comedy, Tomorrow’s Today. Nolasco wrote,  “…but occasionally, LeBrock gets “the itch” to act again. And when the script for “Tomorrow’s Today” came along, she quickly said yes. The film, which was previously titled “Charlie Boy,” drew world attention when Sean Young was fired from the set. In 2018, the “Blade Runner” star was accused of allegedly stealing laptops from a production office. In the comedy, LeBrock plays a grieving mother and ex-wife of a former gangster who is attempting to right the wrongs of his life.”

Nolesco went on to ask Ms LeBrock a few poignant questions:

FoxNews: What was it about the role of Donna in “Tomorrow’s Today” that drew you in as an actress?

Kelly Le Brock: I’m a professional ex-wife *laughs*. [Director] Timothy [Hines] is very persistent and he assured me that he would take very good care of me and make me look great. But I also think he put together a wonderful little film for little money. I read the script and it had potential. It had heart and Timothy was working on it constantly. And in the end, it’s a nice little story to tell… [Co-star] Greg [Kritikos] is such a doll. He’s quite the character. And the rest of the cast was warm and wonderful. It was a good experience for me.

Fox News: What was it like for you to play someone like Donna?

Le Brock: I have three wonderful children and I’ve had experiences where I’ve been faced with possible and potential tragedies with all three of them. And you know, I’ve done a lot of hospices in my life and they worked with a lot of children with cancer. Those experiences have touched my heart deeply. So I was able to draw from those personal experiences. I wanted to show how grief can sometimes be subtle and quiet. It never leaves you, even when you try to be private about it.

Video Link:

Above: Official Trailer for Timothy Hines award winning comedy Tomorrow’s Today with cameos by Kelly LeBrock as Donna and Burt young as Luca.

Fox News: Back in the ‘80s, you were considered the ultimate dream girl. And then you disappeared. Why did you leave Hollywood?

Le Brock: Hollywood wasn’t a place where I wanted to raise my children. My divorce was very much in the press. And I’m just not a Hollywood girl. Never have been. I never really liked the attention. I wanted to have dirt in my nails and be in the outdoors.

You can read the entire article here:

Tomorrow’s Today is now streaming on Amazon Prime, Plex, AppleTV and more.

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