Four Factors Affecting the Grinding Efficiency of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a kind of mineral powder making equipment. It has the characteristics of dry continuous grinding, centralized final particle size distribution, continuously adjustable fineness, and compact layout. The particle size of automatic Raymond mill products can be 0.18-0.038mm according to different requirements. It is widely used in production of papermaking, coatings, plastics, rubber, ink, pigments, building materials, medicine.

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R-Series Roller Mill

Max feeding size: 15-40mm

Capacity: 0.3-20t/h

Fineness: 0.18-0.038mm (80-400mesh)

Applicable materials: R-Series powder Raymond mill can process limestone, quartz, ceramic, bauxite, feldspar, fluorite, ilmenite, phosphorite, clay, graphite, kaolin, diabase, gangue, wollastonite, quick lime, silicon carbide,bentonite, manganese, natural sulfur, pyrite, crystal, corundum, kyanite, evening stone, andalusite, wollastonite, sodium saltpeter, talc, asbestos, blue asbestos, mica, etc.

There are mainly four factors that related to the grinding efficiency of Raymond mill which should be considered while using the mill.

Factor 1: The hardness of raw material.

The higher the hardness, the lower the output, the material with higher hardness will reduce the mill capacity, at the same time it will increase the wear of Raymond grinding parts.

Factor 2: The viscosity of raw material.

The higher the viscosity of the material, the higher the adsorption capacity, it will increase the possibility of not being selected by wind will increase which reduce the Raymond mill efficiency.

Factor 3: The humidity of raw material.

Raymond mill is suitable for processing the material that with humidity below 6%. if the raw materials have humidity then they will stick to the inside of the fine Raymond mill after grinding, which will cause blockage during transportation.

Factor 4: The composition of raw material.

Raymond mill generally can process 80-325 mesh fineness, if the raw material contains a lot of fine powders, then the fine powders will be attached to the inner wall of the Raymond mill. In this case, it is suggested to pass the raw materials to vibrating screen in order to screen out the suitable particle size for feeding.

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