Four Body Doubles Who Made It to the Screen as Actors

A trick twofold (also knowns as Stunt Double) is an individual who accepts a performer’s risks and dangers during the recording of stunts and hazardous scenes for a film or TV show. A portion of the popular trick pairs are Tom Holland and Greg Townley, Dwayne Johnson and Tanoai Reed, Will Smith and MJ George, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Aja Frary, and Awkwafina and Lee Chesley. These are the people who risk their bodies to unsafe conditions for us to enjoy the cinematic perfection that we applaud over the screens, not knowing how much work these nameless people had put behind the scenes.


Many stunts double cannot get out of the shadow of their actors; however, there was one of the few who managed to do that. From being a stunt double of the prestigious Will Smith in Men in Black II, Mansour J. George made his way to the big screen by becoming an actor who not only got featured in a movie but gave a good performance in every role he got. MJ was also Featured in several TV series and short films made on Amazon Prime and Netflix. In 2001 he was approached by a casting director at Central Casting to play as Will Smiths’ stunt body double and thus the rest was history!

MJ’s performance as a stunt double was appreciated and admired by many fans and critics – making him a noteworthy mention in the behind-the-scenes world of show business. Hungry for accomplishment and always ready for the challenge, MJ did not stop there. Since then, he started working in many commercials for well-known brands like Starbucks, Dr. Pepper, chipotle, and many impactful names. He keeps his fans updated on social media (@whoismjgeorge) about what is going on in his life. Being as ambitious he always has been, George has been working hard on his acting skills, and since then, he’s worked on many well-received projects like ‘the Upshaws’ ’Them’ and ‘Black Face’.


Before George got into showbiz, he likewise confronted many battles. One of many battles was that he is a piece taller and grander than the majority of the performers, so that blocks him from booking a ton of work. He was likewise found respecting Dwayne the Rock Johnson, “He is the most focused and the most generously compensated performer in Hollywood. He does 2-3 films per year; he has his programs and a lot more organizations.”

MJ likewise said that attempting to stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime in this industry will negatively affect your emotional wellness and associations with others. Scarcely any individuals need to see you make it. Many individuals trust you don’t make it, since, in such a case that I do, then, at that point, that would make me more effective than them and would likewise disprove them when they figured I was unable to make it happen.

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