“Physical picture frames, in your living room, displaying digital art (NFTs)”
Maximilian Kutschera (19) and Patrick Scherzinger (17) established the Better Technology Ltd – the first ever company to create digital picture frames for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Users can display their NFTs in the real world. Their Crowdfunding campaign is launching soon, see for more information.

Maximilian Kutschera (19) and Patrick Scherzinger (17) founded their company after graduating from high school – they want to participate in the hype of so-called “NFTs” (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are digital images that function on the basis of the blockchain and are therefore unique – the original of an artwork can always be identified.

Since these little pictures only exist on the Internet and not in physical form, Maximilian Kutschera and Patrick Scherzinger founded their company “BetterFrames”. The aim is to create digital picture frames for NFTs that owners of such can hang in their living room, for example. The focus is that the owners can show off their digital works of art to friends and family in “real life”.

The picture frames will be available in four different colors and five different sizes. In this way, the young entrepreneurs want to offer everyone the right frame. The frames are made of wood and are intended to combine a timeless design with premium quality. The frames are controlled via the company’s own app, which will be available on iOS and Android. With it, NFT owners will be able to connect their crypto wallet via “MetaMask” or “Walletconnect” interface, allowing their entire NFT collection to be displayed on the frames.

“The first prototype is already ready,” co-founder Patrick Scherzinger tells us, “we are aiming to start crowdfunding via the Kickstarter platform as early as February 2022.” In this way, the founders already want to give the public the opportunity to purchase an NFT Frame. At the same time, they can raise the necessary capital to initiate mass production by means of such a crowdfunding campaign. “The first NFT Frames should then be shipped to end customers at the end of the second quarter,” says co-founder and CEO Max Kutschera.

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