Fortune Learning Center Presents FORTUNATELY FEMMES, a Women Empowerment Program to Commemorate International Women’s Day This March

The FORTUNATELY FEMMES event will focus on women and entrepreneurship as part of a campaign to empower women and promote self-worth

Women are still subject to gender inequality and struggle to find their place in the world today. They are heavily underrepresented in workplaces and are often held back due to a lack of confidence, a fear of failure, and insufficiency in knowledge. While there are many efforts to empower women from big corporations, non-profit organizations, and independent individuals, more needs to be done. On this note, Fortune Learning Center is thrilled to announce FORTUNATELY FEMMES, a program slated for March 5, designed to commemorate International Women’s Day.

FORTUNATELY FEMMES will prove to be the game-changer for women as the program aims to lessen the educational disparity between dominated entrepreneurs and minority women entrepreneurs. Fortune Learning Center hopes to provide life-changing coaching that takes women and their businesses from good to great and helps build their fortune.

“The objective is to empower, inspire women around the world, and promote women’s self-worth without neglecting the socio-economic influence we have on our society,” asserted Betty Fortunat, Owner and Founder of Fortune Learning Center. “This year’s focus is ‘Women and entrepreneurship: the challenges we face and the greatest barriers stopping women to be the Boss Lady they deserve to be’. We will remind our sisters of how our courage, tenacity, and dedication can overcome these challenges. Our natural gifts and instincts are strong enough to allow us to become powerful and successful entrepreneurs.”

Betty Fortunat is a published author and Adjunct College Professor of Business with a MBA in Finance. With 25 years of experience in the Banking Industry, she has held several leadership positions managing portfolios up to a quarter of a billion dollars. As a first-generation immigrant, Betty has developed a passion for helping her fellow immigrants to embrace entrepreneurship as a tool to build generational wealth.

On March 5, 2022, female entrepreneurs and women looking to venture into entrepreneurship will be mentored by a panel of speakers from Jamaica, the US, Haiti, and Croatia. The FORTUNATELY FEMMES program will create a unique venture opportunity for women to achieve their dreams develop skills to ignite or gain interest in entrepreneurship.

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FORTUNATELY FEMMES is scheduled as part of events marking International Women’s Day in March and would equip participants in the art of entrepreneurship. For inquiries, send an email to

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