Floral Beanie Added New Red and Champagne Rose Bouquet Option for Singapore Flower Lovers

Red and Champagne Rose Bouquet

SINGAPORE – June 19, 2022 – Floral Beanie created a red and champagne rose bouquet with free delivery included for Singapore flower lovers. In the red rose bouquet, there are 24 stalks of fresh red and champagne rose which mean “Can’t stop missing you, 24 hours everyday”. At the same time, red rose also means “Love and Admiration” while champagne rose means charm, grace, thoughtfulness. Which make this bouquet very suitable for event below:

Anniversary Bouquet

Valentine Bouquet

Birthday Bouquet

Graduation Bouquet

Public can visit Floral Beanie official website to understand more about history and meaning of rose bouquet. Below are some meaning or roses by color and number of stalk in a bouquet.

Meaning of Rose by Color

Rose currently available in the market is never short of choice of color. Here are some common color that shared by Floral Beanie.

Red Rose: Love and Admiration

Purple Rose: Passion and Infatuation

Light Pink Rose: Innocence and Appreciation

Orange Rose: Fascination

Cream Rose: Charm and Thoughtfulness

White Rose: Innocence and New Love

Yellow Rose: Friendship

Green Rose: Good News and New Beginnings

For more detail public may refer Floral Beanie official website.

Meaning of Rose by Number of Rose in a Rose Bouquet

Sometime, relying on just color of rose to share the message is not enough for sender. Hence, there is also meaning of rose by number of in a bunch provided by Floral Beanie,

1 Rose – Love at first sight and you are the one

3 Roses – The most important words for many girls, “I love you”.

12 Roses – A dozen Roses is a simple and direct “Be my steady”

99 Roses – I love you as long as I live

For more detail public may refer Floral Beanie official website.

Flower Bouquets Commonly with Rose

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