In today’s society, remote learning resources have become necessary. FlipHTML5 offers a simple way for educators to create resources and share them with their students.

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 01/25/2022 — Remote learning resources have become something of a necessity in today’s society. With the world in the grip of a pandemic that limits physical contact and gathering, schools at all levels have been forced to find creative ways to convey lessons to students. While teachers are experts educating young minds, many of them aren’t versed in the technology required to teach virtually. Luckily, some persons are experts in this area and have put together remote learning resources to help. FlipHTML5 stands out among these remote learning resources as it’s easy to use and requires no technical skills.

With FlipHTML5, teachers can convert existing learning materials into remote learning resources quickly and effortlessly. It automatically converts PDF files to interactive flipbooks without the user having to write a single line of code. There are numerous templates to aid teachers with the layout as well as themes and backgrounds to beautify the books. The flipbooks mimic traditional books with their page-turning effect while integrating modern features that will appeal to students.

Students nowadays are captivated by videos and animation. FlipHTML5’s remote learning resources can include multimedia elements like audio, video, animation, and hyperlinks. These help to hold students’ attention, especially when they can’t be in the same room with their teachers. They also make for a fuller learning experience.

Remote learning resources must be easily accessible to students and teachers. The FlipHTML5 cloud is available for the storage and distribution of remote learning resources. Teachers can upload flipbooks they create on FlipHTML5 where they can be arranged using the virtual bookshelf. They’ll get a URL for the flipbook that can be used to share the remote learning resources via email or messaging apps. An embed code is also available that lets educators embed the flipbooks on websites.

Best of all, remote learning resources created with FlipHTML5 work well with other online teaching tools. Teachers can present the flipbooks in virtual classrooms and embed them in their learning management systems. Students can access the flipbooks from any browser or mobile device anywhere at any time.

“We’ve always believed in meeting the needs of our users,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. “At this time, they need remote learning resources, so we provide an easier way to create those.”

To learn more about remote learning resources, please visit FlipHTML5.

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