People have come to depend on PDF as a trusted format for publishing their documents. FlipBuilder’s animated PDF creator improves PDFs, making them more attractive.

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 01/07/2022 — Many persons have long used PDFs as a preferred method of publishing, especially businesspeople. However, the static nature of PDFs makes for a dull reading experience; the seemingly endless scrolling is another disadvantage. FlipBuilder’s animated PDF creator can enhance the appearance of PDFs significantly; the page-flipping effects will make navigating and reading documents much easier. It’s the way forward for digital publications and it’s surprisingly easy to master.

The animated PDF creator from FlipBuilder puts a new spin on digital publications. Users can quickly upload a PDF file to the software and it’ll be instantly converted to a dynamic flipbook. Stunning premade templates simplify the creation process; backgrounds, scenes, and themes make the publication more attractive. And all can be customized to meet the user’s precise needs.

Businesspersons will find that the animated PDF creator makes their advertising job easier. The software can be used to make brochures, magazines, and catalogs to name a few. The nature of the books will grab and hold customers’ attention for longer. They can add their logos and banners to draw attention to their brand. And customers can navigate more easily by tapping the corners of pages or using the previous and next buttons instead of continuous scrolling.

This animated PDF creator expands the capabilities of PDFs. PDFs are usually limited to images and text. Users are able to add audio, video, animation, and hyperlinks to their publications with FlipBuilder’s animated PDF creator. These will add depth to the publications and make the readers’ experience fuller. It also helps increase visibility and sales as advertisers can include hyperlinks to their website and/or online store so customers can buy directly.

PDFs can be bulky – they take up storage space and present challenges when they’re to be shared. FlipBuilder’s animated PDF creator eliminates these challenges. Publications can be shared via email, social media, or embedded on websites and blogs. The FlipBuilder cloud is available for storage and distribution, plus there are other online and offline publishing options. The flipbooks are accessible on computers (Windows and Mac) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

“We know people depend on PDFs. We’ve simply made them better with our animated PDF creator,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder.

More information about the animated PDF creator is available at FlipBuilder.

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