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The way people teach and learn is changing. FlipBuilder’s free textbook software helps educators create interesting digital content that keeps their students engaged.

In an increasingly digital age, teaching and learning have taken on a different face. Distance learning is more popular than ever. Educators face the challenge of holding students’ attention in an online environment where there are more distractions than in a formal classroom. One solution is to ensure that the material being taught is more engaging than what students are surrounded by. FlipBuilder’s free textbook software will help educators create appealing content that will keep students involved in the learning process.

Educators are good at imparting knowledge to their students. They may not be good at creating textbooks or digital content in general. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, no skill or experience is needed. The free textbook software automatically converts PDF files into attractive flipbooks that students will love to use. Plus, users can take advantage of stunning premade templates to make the textbook’s toolbar more functional as well as beautiful themes and scenes to improve the textbook’s appearance.

This generation of learners is fascinated with videos and animation. With this free textbook software, teachers can add multimedia elements like audio, videos, animations, and photo slideshows to digital textbooks. Students will be more inclined to pay attention to their lessons when they include things that they’re interested in. Besides, audio and video presentation of content will help students retain the content better than endless pages of text.

The free textbook software from FlipBuilder integrates an audio assistant that lets users record audio or insert existing audio files into the flipbook’s pages along with synchronized text. This feature is especially useful for teaching languages, storybooks for younger children, or students who learn better when they can hear their teacher’s voice presenting the material.

With Flip PDF Plus Pro, online learning isn’t limited to any single space or device. The free textbook software uses HTML5 publishing technology to make sure that users can read the textbooks on mobile devices as well as the browser on their computer. The textbooks automatically fit all screen sizes and devices. The free textbook software supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

“Learning is dynamic so we thought our free textbook software should be too,” says Sam Huang, Senior Software Development Engineer of FlipBuilder.

Get more information about the free textbook software at FlipBuilder.

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