Flipbooks are a more effective alternative to PDFs for digital publishing. Creating flipbooks is fast and easy with a PDF flipbook creator like Flip PDF Plus Pro.

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 12/31/2021 — PDFs have long been a useful way to present content. They do, however, tend to be limited. One can only include text and images; navigating them requires endless scrolling unless one knows the exact page of the document they want to view. Flipbooks have emerged as an improvement on PDFs for digital content publication. They’re more interactive, interesting, and engaging. One doesn’t even need any particular skill to create them. All that’s needed is a PDF flipbook creator like Flip PDF Plus Pro.

FlipBuilder’s outstanding PDF flipbook creator brings static PDF files to life in no time. Flip PDF Plus Pro has all the tools needed to turn PDFs into captivating flipbooks. For starters, it’s super easy to use. Just upload the desired PDF file to the software, and it will be automatically converted to a flipping book. If there are multiple PDFs to be converted, Flip PDF Plus Pro saves time by converting them in sequence instead of the user having to do them individually. Multiple PDFs can be converted into either a single flipbook or a flipbook for each PDF.

Customizing the flipbook is a breeze with this PDF flipbook creator. Flip PDF Plus Pro offers premade templates, beautiful themes, backgrounds, and scenes to make the publication the best it can be. Plus, the multimedia and animation editor allows users to add audio, photo gallery, animations, and videos directly to the pages of their flipbooks. There are also scores of animation effects that publishers can use. These along with the realistic page-flipping effect will offer readers an elevated viewing experience they couldn’t get from a standard PDF.

The PDF flipbook creator from FlipBuilder optimizes the flipbooks for search engines. Publishers can customize page titles, H1, and meta tags to make their flipbooks easier to find on search engines. The text of the original PDF can be extracted and published as text version which is searchable. The PDF flipbook creator also supports integration with Google Analytics so publishers can get useful customer insight data on their publications. This will help them improve areas of their flipbooks as needed to better reach their target audiences.

“We designed this PDF flipbook creator to make life easier for digital publishers,” says Alan Chen, Designer of FlipBuilder.

Learn more about the PDF flipbook creator at FlipBuilder.

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