FlipBuilder Allows Users to Create eBook With Video for Ease of Understanding

eBook with video
Videos simplify ideas, and using them in eBooks makes it easier for the audience to understand.

FlipBuilder’s new software helps creators design eBooks with video to make information more interactive. Publications created at Flip PDF Plus Pro are not just filled with images and words. The platform has more media elements like videos, links, audio, charts, and animations to set the informational content apart from the others found in the market. This gives marketers a unique selling point which is the ability for the audience to interact with content and make much more informed decisions.

Once one has an account on Flip PDF Plus Pro, they’ll access various eBook templates. Creating eBooks with video on the platform is a breeze because everything is provided. All users need is to choose the features and elements to include in their publications and place them in the right place. For instance, they can include a clickable table of contents so readers can navigate through their eBooks swiftly. Flip PDF Plus Pro is beginner-friendly and will guide new users on using the software through its learning resources.

“We understand that not all information is easy to grasp,” says Lynn Tang, the customer service head of FlipBuilder. “That’s why we came up with software to make your eBooks more engaging with the video. It will help you pass information in a more entertaining and delectable way. Now you can present your flipping books with video to readers without worrying about whether they consumed the information or not.”

Making eBooks with video is pretty straightforward. Users can upload their own videos to Flip PDF Plus Pro and insert them into their publications. To provide audiences with multiple options to consume content, users can record voiceovers for them to listen to. Flip PDF Plus Pro offers the option to record personal audio over projects for readers to enjoy listening. Once uploaded, one can just edit and add it to the eBook.

Videos are worth millions of words because they convey a lot of information in a time frame. When creators need to explain complex topics in eBooks, Flip PDF Plus Pro is the tool that will help them use videos to simplify certain topics that may not be easy for readers to understand.

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