Flash Kingsley Explores Human’s Destiny in the Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny

Experienced spiritual and metaphysical investigator, Flash Kingsley, releases a new book, “The Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny,” where he writes about the identity of the hidden universe’s energy within each person

Flash Kingsley is again looking to take millions of people across the globe on a captivating and eye-opening spiritual journey as he releases a new piece titled The Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny. Known for his commitment to unraveling life’s greatest spiritual mysteries, the author explores everything from creation through the development of civilization up until modern times.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

“After all you are in it for the long haul: Eternity.”

Different schools of thought have come up with their understanding of the subject of God or a Supreme Being as well as the origin of humans and other elements in the universe. Over the years, studies have tried to explain their findings based on science and religion. However, Flash Kingsley aims to take the experience a notch higher, unraveling the capabilities of humans to create a better world and the seemingly hidden ingredients of building a nation as he releases The Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny.

The author looks at making the United States great again, focusing on the nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” and exploring options for recovering the goals of the people’s interests. The Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny introduces the formula for readers to discover the “Kingdom within,” enabling them to appreciate their earthly existence while contributing to the wellness of others. The goal is to empower people to utilize the unseen forces of life and creation to rebuild themselves and the world for future development and prosperity.

The Human’s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny is currently available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats for readers in different parts of the world.

About Flash Kingsley

Robert Flash Kingsley has dedicated over four decades of his life to unraveling life’s greatest spiritual mysteries related to human existence. The spiritual and metaphysical investigator is leaving no stone unturned in finding out the purpose and destiny of the human being, dedicated to the spiritual service and enlightenment of all people equally as a Jesusonian pastor.

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